Thursday, December 12, 2019

Just a little quilt

There is a little quilt that I have wanted to make for years. I'm a tad late since it's really a fall quilt.

It was in a magazine and I finally decided I was going to take the time and make it.

This is what I liked.

It reminded me so much of the time my dad took me and my brother on a drive and we stopped at a big pile of leaves that city workers had made (in the rich part of the city.) my brother and I were allowed to jump into the pile. It was so much fun - except when I lost my brand new turquoise moccasin. It took a while but we did manage to find it.

This is how they showed you could display the little quilt. I don't have a little stand like that so mine will go on the wall.

I wanted a blue sky for my background instead of some beige fabric.

There is a little bit of 3D embroidery.

The shoelaces were fun to make.

Here's my version of the finished quilt. I made the binding the same way as with the little red bird quilt - bringing the backing to the front. 

I'm on to other quilts now - and maybe some knitting.


  1. What a fun little quilt! You should have made his (her?) shoes turquoise - would have been a nod to your memory of losing your moccasin.

  2. That looks like great fun! I remember playing in the leaves too, and our children took rides in the wheelbarrow filled with leaves raked from the lawn.


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