Tuesday, January 28, 2014

It's cold and it's cute

Maybe because it has been so cold out or maybe because this new BOM is so cute, I have decided to play along.

My seven snowmen. This is a new block of the month (BOM) from Quilt Doodle Doodles. The fabric I used was one that I only had about half a metre of and quite a bit of it got used up. There are little moons in the fabric. I didn't want all the snowmen to look the same so I used different ways of making the snowball blocks, different white fabrics, different orange fabrics for the noses and different buttons for the eyes.

 Perhaps I was influenced by this book. I read it to my grandson Luc who is visiting with his mom and little brother, Patric.

These are the threads that I have chosen to begin another BOM. It's Quilty Stitches Sampler Along hosted by Little Miss Shabby.

I'm linking up with The Needle and Thread Network and then I will be doing more sewing. 
Stay warm (or cool down under) and happy sewing.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Last day to sign up

The Quilting Gallery is a great site. Not only can you view the listings (directory) of the various quilt blogs around the world, you can also hone your skills by following along and making the block of the month. Michele , the owner, even hosts swaps.

Olympic Mug Rug Swap

Right now there is a mug rug swap going on but today is the last day to sign up. The swap costs $6.00 (US) and you get a pattern for both of the mug rugs. You are to make both mug rugs and send them to your swap partner. It's an international swap and it celebrates the winter Olympics taking place in Sochi, Russia this year.

I decided that I would join. Hopefully, I will get to meet a new blogger or two while having fun sewing, quilting and blogging. Today is the last day for signing up for the swap.

Go on over and take a look at the site even if you don't want to sign up for the mug rug swap. There's lots going on and you can participate in a variety of things. At least you can look up some of the bloggers from around the world. Lots and lots of inspiration.

Today is the last day for signing up for the swap. 

Saturday, January 18, 2014


Well, the pajamas are now complete. The top is a pale turquoise not the white that shows up on screen. I didn't have enough of the print to make both pieces so I had to use a plain. Good thing too since that now takes care of two small pieces of flannel that I had. It was nice to sew a garment for a change.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Knitting, quilting and sewing

I have been working a bit on a few different projects.

I am now on the second ball of yarn with this cowl. It really is a pleasure to work with this yarn because it's so soft.

There have been several turns taken on the quilt.

And these are the beginnings of little boy pajamas. This is the only project that I will be concentrating on today to finish up. I have quite a bit of flannel that I want to use up and pjs for a little boy seems like a good way to do that.

I am linking up once again to The Needle and Thread Network and also with Esther's blog.

Have a great rest of the week.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

The beginning, the middle and the end

This is the beginning of a cowl.

It's going to be a long cowl. I call it the beginning because this is only the first ball of yarn. It's 10% alpaca and really soft. Great for wearing around one's neck.

This, of course, is in the middle of being quilted. I had to leave it in November because I went out west to visit my daughter and her family. I'm glad to get it back up and am hoping to finish the quilting on it soon.

And this is the end. Having given it to the recipient Casey, my daughter's boyfriend, I call this project totally complete. I am hoping to make a couple more hats since have I purchased the wool already but right now, I am engrossed in the projects above.

Linking up with The Needle and Thread Network and also with Esther's blog.
I hope everyone in North America is keeping warm on this very cold day.