Saturday, February 16, 2019

Sewing multiples

I got a request from my youngest daughter, Ayla, to make a longer sleep sack for her little son, Atticus. He has always been long and just keeps growing.

I already had the Thomas the Train fabric on my shelves and the flannel lining was purchased a while ago when Fabricland had a sale.

 The buttons don't match but they are roughly the same size. 

I didn't have to buy anything for this because I even had the long 22 inch zipper in my stash.

Here's the other one. I actually added a thin batting in between. I don't normally add extra batting but I wanted to try it out to see how thick it would be. This polyester batting is very thin and meant to be used in garments.

I originally cut this flannel lining to be inside the Thomas the Train sleep sack but I thought it was way too busy. I did purchase both the outer fabric and the zipper for this. It's yellow instead of the white I wanted. My closest Fabricland is closing and when I was there, the selection of zippers was sparse.

This time, the buttons do match. 

Two sleep sacks done. 

Eye spy roll-up travel games.
I had so much fun making these. I needed a small diversion and this one just fit the bill. I don't know how I came to find the site but the free pattern is here.

Each one takes 44 little 3 inch by 4 inch pieces of fabric.

I made two. There are 22 pieces on the front and 22 on the back.

Most of the fabrics were the same in each one.

One was for my granddaughter and other for my grandson (two different families) so a few of the rectangles were different.

I could have used velcro or a snap to close the strap.

But I decided to use a button and buttonhole instead. Once they are rolled up, they are small enough that they can just be thrown into a diaper bag or a purse.

My middle daughter and her family were going to visit the other set of grandparents and I made mug rugs for them of the little ones' hands.

They were fun to do. The bigger ones belong to Teemu and the other set are his sister Esme's.

Since most of my grandchildren wear (or wore) cloth diapers, sometimes store-bought pants don't fit all too well. I had made some 'big bum' pants before for Teemu and thought that I could make a few more for his little cousin Wren. These are gray, thick and thin wale corduroy.

All of the fabrics are soft and these are navy, thin wale corduroy.

Mauve sweatsuit fleece.

Little Wren wearing a brushed cotton light burgundy pair. I hope they all keep her warm.

So now you all know what's been keeping me busy sewing and not posting on this blog.

Oh, but there's still more to come.

Thursday, February 7, 2019

Just a few things

I keep busy sewing, knitting and a bit of quilting.

I haven't made a scarf in a long time but I found some really soft yarn that had wool in it and the label actually had a pattern for the scarf. The yarn was so soft and since the scarf took two balls and it was thick, I thought it wouldn't take long to knit up. 

It curled a lot and so I thought I could block it. I couldn't find my foam squares but there was this long, thin piece of styrofoam that came with the new big screen TV and it seemed to be the perfect size in both width and length.

There is actually a front and back to the pattern which repeats every four rows. I made this for my eldest son, Mark, who went to the far, cold north (Yellowknife) just after the New Year.

I am in the middle of several new projects and I like to keep things in one place.

I found these at Dollar Tree and thought the colour coding would be perfect. The ones on the bottom on the right are shorter in height but wider and I thought it would perfect to use them for finished blocks.