Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Growing Family - special guest post

 This is a special guest post from my 10 year old grandson who asked if he could post on my blog. He's my eldest grandchild and quite a go-getter. Just recently he made over $200 selling worms and worm farms at a local farmer's market. Last year he learned to knit and finished knitting his young cousin a scarf.

Growing Family by Luc 

Hi, I am Luc. Welcome to the Growing Family. 

The growing family is where I put challenges that you can do. And I will show you how I grow my plants. So let’s get started with the first challenge. Every challenge will start every month.

So here’s the first challenge: to grow a sunflower. I will put pictures on how my sunflower is doing. but it will take time for my sunflower to grow. so wherever you get your sunflowers seed from – plant in a pot and water it daily.