Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Lindsay Creative Quilters - Part two

These are the last of the photos from the quilt show.

You really have to plan a quilt like this.

A lot of quilters these days do some interesting things with panels.

Modern quilts are always nice on the eyes - lots of white.

An interesting take on the Orange Peel.

Now this is fun. I've not seen this style of umbrella girl.

A nice and well preserved old quilt with a history.

The old quilt reproduced.

And even more history.

This is a great wall hanging.

On closer viewing, the quilter zig zagged the edges with multi-coloured thread.

A great appliqued quilt made in 2009(?) - the maker was there and she said that it still covers her bed. Judy recognized the pattern and it was hand quilted.

A better look at one of the appliqued leaves.


This was a huge quilt - most likely king size.

Once again, a fun quilt.

The one and only crazy quilt - and it was a mini.
Just for you Mary Anne.

I hope you all enjoyed the show.

Monday, May 29, 2017

Lindsay Creative Quilters Show - Part one

As I mentioned in the last post, I attended a quilt show on the weekend. Lots to see and many vendors were there also. Judy and I got a few bargains - even though we didn't need anything. There were so many quilts that were just 'Fun' and also quite a few that were hand quilted.

A fun close-up - a crocheted sunflower.

There were a couple of these embroidered quilts in different colours.

Just one of the blocks.

This was a fun quilt with so much to look at.

Another fun quilt...

with a few nice surprises to look at.

And the last one for today - another fun quilt.

Lovely 3D features.

I'll post more photos tomorrow.