Sunday, March 27, 2016

Magical Easter

This afternoon we were waiting for two little girls to come over with their parents. The Easter Bunny had 'hidden' goodies in our backyard for them to find. While looking out to make sure that the squirrels didn't eat the little girls' goodies, a brownish hare was spotted in the very back of the yard. He/she was camouflaged very nicely. The bunny stayed the whole afternoon and I cut up a carrot for it. We live in the city where the main wildlife we see are squirrels, birds and raccoons. To see a bunny is rare but to have one show up in our backyard on Easter Sunday is truly magical.

I'm surprised that this little guy was spotted since he really is very well camouflaged.

The photos were taken by my son, Eric.

All of these photos can be made bigger by just clicking on them.

I wonder if he'll come back.

One of the little squirrels that hang around.

My husband feeds them peanuts in the shell.

The little bunny was quite fast and ran to our neighbour's backyard whenever he was startled.

I hope you all had a safe and very Happy Easter!

Friday, March 18, 2016

Little update

Marg ended up putting the little gingham baby quilts on the frame herself one day. It saved time so we could just get right down to doing the quilting.

This is the one I'm quilting. I took this photo before we took a couple of turns. I'm now quilting the third row.

Marg's working on this pretty one.

Here's another view. We added a few solid coloured squares because we didn't have enough variety in the gingham for the soft look we were going for.

We will be taking a little break next week so Marg can go visit her daughter before Easter. These won't take long to finish up.

Have a great weekend. Stay safe.

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Scrappy blocks

So many scraps, so many ways to put them to use.

Alternating white strips with scraps. This one can be done with any size strips. I used 2.5 inches for the scraps and 1.5 inches for the white. 

These are 12.5 inch Hole in the Barn Door. It's my second favourite block - after the nine patch.
Denise over at Justquiltin with Denise is having a quilt along using different sizes of this block.

I'm linking up to The Needle and Thread Network. Pop on over to check out other blogs.

I have other sewing to get to now.