Thursday, June 25, 2009

Giveaway and little things

I know Christmas is months away but you have to start sometime if you want to make something handmade for yourself or to give as a gift. Helen has a pattern "T'was the Night Before Christmas" that she is giving away. Go take a look.

On another note, I was uptown yesterday having lunch with a friend. It just so happens that she works right by the little shopping mall that houses the Toronto store of Mary Maxim. I had wanted to go visit the store for a while just to check it out. Loads of nice stuff for knitters, cross stitchers, rug hookers and crafters. This is what I ended up buying.

I have wanted the new DMC variegated threads and it just so happened that the store had a nice variety of them. The yarn was found in the back of the store where all the discounted items were and these were such a steal. I usually cannot make up my mind if I am given a choice between two and so this was not exception. I bought both. Who wouldn't at $ .99 each? I was going to see if I could crochet a flower or at the very least use it as a decorative accent on some sewing project.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Mail came and a new tote

Since I didn't win Natalie Ross' dear Aggie in a giveaway and I was going to get her anyway, I decided to go ahead and order her - from Fabric Patch (please excuse the blurry photo - the other one was too dark.) Well, then I saw Melly & Me's Florence. I had been thinking of buying her too since I absolutely love flamingoes. They came today and now I can make future plans to get them made.

If you are interested in free stuff - tutorials and patterns, here is at least one site for you to check out. I decided to make this really easy tote bag from Imagine Fabric, a link on Freebies for Crafters. It was very well explained and the photos were good. I am saving it for a gift for one of the girls (young women actually.) It measures about 15" across and 20" down and is fully lined. I just wanted to try out the pattern. I think I will try making a few other bags that are online freebies now. This one was nice because I got to use some of my stash. Quilters may be familiar with some of the fabrics - they are old.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Mail and Pincushion Swap

The postal service never ceases to amaze me. When I want something to arrive quickly, then you can be assured that it will somehow go astray and arrive whenever - regardless of how much you pay for 'priority' post. Having said that, I was absolutely astonished to find this in my mail box yesterday. It came all the way from Germany and I ordered it on Friday - that is last Friday, 5 days prior. The lady that emailed me about all the particulars (that they did mail internationally and also how much the postage would be) informed me that she would put the pattern in the mail the next day - Saturday. Well, I don't know about where you all live but here in TO we do not have mail delivery or pick-up on Saturdays - at least not that I know of. So, my little pattern arrived within 4 days across many countries and a huge ocean. Oh, and I almost forgot - it is an Ursula Schertz pattern of garden fairies. Thanks to Simone for assisting me in getting this pattern. Bloggers and quilters are so helpful.

The little package below also came from far away. Norway this time. If the letter is any indication as to how long some things take, I received this today and the letter inside is dated May 8th.
I was so surprised and pleased to receive this. I had just heard that my pincushion swap partner had received the package I sent her and then a few hours later, this wonderful, delightful package was in my mail box. It was the only piece of mail today. I couldn't wait to open it.
I had indicated that my favourite colour was blue - especially aqua/teal and look what Kjerstin made for me. A hexagon pin cushion with a matching hexagon needle case and a scissors case. The porcelain thimble will go in my collection. Sorry for the photo but there is a reindeer on it and it indicates that it is from the Norwegian Forest Museum. The blue thread, trims, buttons and of course, the betweens sewing/quilting needles, will all come in very handy. I'm going to show these off to the family when they come home. Many thanks Kjerstin.