Saturday, March 27, 2021

A little knitting

 I finished the baby blanket that I started. It called for double knit yarn but I had some sport and decided to use it.

It's sort of hard to see.

I don't know if this is much better but it's supposed to be a penguin and a baby penguin. Maybe if you click on the photo and blow it up, it might be easier to see.

These are Minecraft fingerless mitts. They are a birthday gift for my grandson who is a fan of Minecraft.

Monday, March 22, 2021

A bit of hand quilting

 I have been busy this week hand quilting a little 48 inch square baby quilt.

I started with a package of charm squares that my daughter picked and she arranged them the way she wanted them to look.

I had some solid cotton that was a perfect colour to frame all the four patches with. When I purchased the fabric, I thought it was gray but the lighting in the store obviously distorted the actual colour.

This was the finished top.

I made the border smaller at three inches to match the sashing instead of five inches that the pattern had. 

This is all I have left to do.

I didn't put much quilting in it. The middle of the four patches will have a heart quilted on it.

I just kept it simple. Once it's bound, I'll take more photos.

That's it for now. Have a lovely week. Our temperatures will be in the double digits for most of the week. With the sun shining, it should warm up the ground and maybe the bulbs will start appearing.

(I noticed when I went to 'Preview' mode that the alignment was off. I try to centre all my little descriptions but if it looks off, it's bloggers fault, not mine.)

I'm linking up with the Needle and Thread Network so pop on over to see what other Canadians are up to.

Friday, March 19, 2021

Just sewing along

My eldest daughter reminded me that her sons had wanted pajamas. I was going to make some for each of my 12 grandchildren but then I went to England for a month and when I came back I had to self isolate. By then, I had to make a baby quilt for my middle daughter whose friend had a baby girl. So, things have been piling up (or added to) on my list. 

I actually bought this fabric to make my eldest grandson some pajamas.

I have had this flannel in my stash for a while.

There wasn't enough fabric to complete the pajamas so I had to use another flannel for the back.

These are squares that I purchased from Ikea.
 The squares were not all cut exact but I made them work.

My eldest daughter wanted some bags to put things in and so I used the squares. They are a heavier weight than just plain cotton. All the bags are lined and have zippers. I added little handles too in case she wants to hang them up. They weren't hard to make but they did take time.

My daughter then mentioned that the boys could use bigger pencil cases. I put the tape measure there to show her how long I was making them.

I was just using up some of my stash again. They are made exactly the same way as the bigger bags - fully lined with zippers.

They are now on their way to British Columbia where my eldest daughter lives. Her youngest son's birthday is on the 22nd and her eldest son's birthday is in April. I hope the pajamas fit and that they like their new pencil cases.