Thursday, June 22, 2023

Some 'little' sewing

One of my granddaughters turned 4 about a week ago. Her mom and dad bought her a Corolle doll and asked if I would make some clothes for the doll. I gathered up some fabric but it was a bit hard to find patterns to fit. Luckily, I had a Cabbage Patch doll clothes pattern that seemed to be the correct size for a 14 inch doll. I sewed up a couple of extra outfits so that her sister, who also had the same make of doll, could have different clothing.

I like the dresses and the matching bloomers.

I found this little piece of coral print and thought it would make a nice dress.

This is her sister's little doll outfit.

I never ended up showing these 10 little treat bags that I made for Easter. 

Each one had pompom tails but no faces.

They didn't take long to sew up. I found the pattern on the internet.

Having these little bags saved me from hiding the treats in the backyard.

Here's a few of the recipients with their bags.

They were filled with a variety of goodies.

I will now be concentrating on crocheting a blanket and sewing up some quilt blocks.