Sunday, February 20, 2022

The new and the old

Since I'm the one who sews in this family, I am asked at times to repair items of clothing and other things. Most things don't take long at all and I am happy to help since it prolongs the use of the item.

My granddaughters wear a lot of stretch leggings and sometimes they get small holes in them. 

At times I sew up the hole and at other times, I am asked to cut off the legs so they become shorts. 

These then become useful to wear under a dress.

Once upon a time a quilt store, that has now been closed for years, had a Buck-a-Block monthly block program. You were to pay $1.00 a month (plus purchase a set of Thangles for $6.00) and then you were given a little bag that held pre-cut fabric, instructions and a pattern. The Thangles package held papers to make half square triangles that were 1.75 inches finished.

 This is the last quilt block that was in a bin. It wasn't even started.

This block of the month took place in 2009 with the last installment being January, 2010.

There were two fabric options. One was blues with creme and one was vintage 1930s reproduction fabric and, even though blue is my favourite colour, I opted for the prints - just for something different.

In order to get the next installment for $1.00, you had to complete the block and bring it into the store. If you missed a month, you had to pay $5.00 and if your block was not completed, you had to pay $5.00. I made sure that my blocks were completed each and every month. I don't know how I will finish the quilt but at least they are all done now. If you haven't tried Thangles, you should. It's an easy way of making a bunch of HSTs (half-square triangles.) The fabrics in the 'kit' were pre-cut to the 2.25 inch strip and there was always enough fabric. All the maker had to do was put the two fabrics right sides together and lay the paper on top - pinning well. Sew on dotted lines and cut on the straight lines. Easy and quick. The instructions showed you how to put the pieces together to form the various blocks.

Well, at least these are now done and they are back in the bin with other fabrics that I had put aside that were either 1930's fabrics or ones that were very similar.

Sort of another UFO completed. Now I am off to knit a rainbow baby blanket and start sewing a quilt. I also have some cross stitch to get done. 

Tuesday, February 15, 2022

Cross stitched bookmarks

 Years ago I cross stitched some bookmarks.

This one was a fun one. I need to give it a backing with some interfacing so it's a bit stiffer.

This one was for my eldest daughter but I never gave it to her. It needs to be cleaned and it too needs backing with interfacing. I'm debating on whether to add her married initial and another balloon.

I found this cross stitch bookmark pattern in a book I borrowed from the library. I changed the colours to suit my preferences. It took a long time because it's full coverage and I left it for months.

Thursday, February 10, 2022

An oldie

I have to make a few quilts this year but before I started something new, I decided it was time to finish something.

Once, long ago, I have no idea how many years it's been, this pattern took my fancy.

I had, and still have, a lot of green fabrics in my stash.

So, I started this quilt.

The green squares were all done and border around them had been attached. I had also cut all of those little green rectangles. 

The gray fabric was in the plastic bin too but nothing had been cut. 

I didn't think it would take long to put the whole thing together - but I was wrong.

There were 42 blocks.

That's a lot of blocks to add all that gray to - but it got done.

The light blocks are just light green. Here it is all sewn together into a top. I now have an empty bin and this top is folded over a hanger and in the closet waiting to be quilted. The blocks are 14 inches - 13.5 finished. I don't think I'll be adding a border but I may change my mind.

I have a few more bins with partial quilts that I would like to get made into tops at least but they will have to wait a bit more. I need to make a granddaughter or three some quilts. There are also a pair of almost two year old twins that don't have a quilt yet. Oh well, all in good time.