Friday, July 29, 2016

Outdoor quilt show - final


Looks like there might be some building happening soon. Maybe the lumber is for repairs.

I thought you'd like to see inside some of these buildings so I went into this house just to look around.

Nice sewing machine. I wonder if it works.

I started taking photos upstairs. This was the middle room.

That's it for this year. I hope you all enjoyed the quilts. I think the volunteers did a great job.

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Outdoor quilt show - Part 3

Sorry I didn't get to post these yesterday. Here's more photos. I hope you all get some inspiration - if not for quilts, then for colour or pattern.

Believe it or not, but that first one is a pattern. I saw another one with Sasquatch in someone's post of the Sister's Quilt Show.

Oh look. It's Auntie Alice in the middle. That's the quilt that I quilted last year. I like the directional blocks.

The pattern just stated scraps but I thought it needed something more to give it some interest.
This is the set-up for the Quilts of Valour. Sorry I didn't get any close-ups.

That's it for today. The last of the photos tomorrow.
Enjoy your day.