Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A long time ago

Once upon a time, when I was 13 years old, I made a hooked rug. It most likely was a kit but I can't remember where it came from or how I came to have it. However, I do remember working on it and when I finished it, I told myself that it would be given to my first born child. I can't remember when I gave it to Laila but she kept it for her first born child - Luc. Here it is and I do think it should finally be used as a rug or hung on the wall or whatever.

I still like it and think it's cute.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Current project

This quilt is what I am working on at present. It is for a friend who is expecting her first grandchild in November - a girl. She is very excited and I think more so since she had two boys. I have no clue as to what colour to bind it in. I guess I'll wait to see after it's off the frame. I have had a few pre-printed panels in my stash for a while so I thought it was about time I started using them. Hand quilting is so relaxing and it's nice to see the pattern emerge in relief with the quilting stitches.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Every Inchie Monday #26

Harmony: a consistent, orderly, or pleasing arrangement of parts; congruity.

 A Harmonious pattern woven in bamboo.

Friday, June 24, 2011

CN Tower

It will be 35 years this Sunday when the last piece of the CN Tower was put into place. The digging began in February of 1973 and the communication tower, which became known as the CN Tower, was completed in 1976. I was expecting my first child so it really wasn't too exciting on my personal radar. To a home grown Torontonian, it is a beacon that indicates "I am home" whether it's a trip abroad or just a road trip into the countryside. I can tell you all about the history but you can read it here:

I'll just show the photos - most of them have been taken by my daughter Maili.

Taken from Toronto's Distillery District looking west.

I have no idea what road that is. I think this is taken from the north, looking south.
Note: Thanks Hetty, it probably is the Don Valley Parkway.

Taken from the University of Toronto campus looking south.

From Toronto's Centre Island looking north.
 From downtown.


Views from above, this photo and the next three.

The downtown of Toronto.

It is truly a big city.
 While I have not ventured up to the top of the tower, there is a glass floor that you can walk on (or sit on.)

This is the view looking straight down.

There is a revolving restaurant at the top and I have been up there - even if I have not ventured up to the lookout part. The CN Tower is quite pretty at night because someone had the bright idea to light it up and now the lights change colour periodically. The latest 'craze' dealing with the CN Tower is to take a walk on the outside of the rim. Personally, I think it's a dumb idea with an accident or suicide waiting to happen.

I hope you enjoyed this little entry dedicated to the CN Tower.
Note: If you are in Toronto and wish to venture up the tower to the observation platform, there is an admission charge.

Thursday, June 23, 2011


My world as it looks today.

Actually this is a better shot than what the pie looks like today (there is only a sliver left.) I made 3 rhubarb pies on the weekend - only one was given away. One pie was plain rhubarb, one had strawberries included and the other one had raspberries and strawberries mixed in with the rhubarb. I still have more rhubarb for a couple more pies - or I can make rhubarb muffins (they have almond flavouring added and are sooooo good.)

This is just a close-up of my jeans. I love my little Canon Elph.

This is what I am working on while watching TV. I really do love the shell stitch. It's easy and so pretty.

Shorts is what my daughter wants and since I love to see if I can use up small pieces of fabric and she didn't care what colour I used, this grey worked out perfectly. Don't go looking for the pattern since it has a copyright of 1985. I tend to hold on to my patterns. Those are Gingher scissors that I actually won in a giveaway. I love them.

My husband reminded me that I had a loaf in the freezer and I keep forgetting to thaw it out - until now. It's a pumpkin spice loaf and I just had to try it this morning.

Last night my husband stapled the fabric onto my new quilt boards. The other ones were warped and were no fun to work with. He didn't like the different colours on the four-foot boards. One of the five-foot ones fell and I didn't bother to pick it up for the photo shot. It does match in fabric with the other five footer. I am going to be putting a pre-printed panel baby quilt on the frame today. It's for a friend who is expecting her first granddaughter in November.

These are just a couple of random doodles that I did as inspiration from other blogs hit. They may make it into a quilt or they may not. Sorry for the blurriness of the one shot.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Weekend drive in the country

I have always loved drives into the countryside. Doesn't matter what province. Having grown up here, my husband and I know quite a few of the roads in Ontario but it's always nice to find something new.

I took this by just sticking the camera out the window. That's the antenna in the middle. 

The name of this road is Green Lane.

Fields of mown hay.

I think it's wonderful to see farms that are still being worked and they are not too far from the big city.

A field of something being grown.

We didn't stop and look. We have enough stuff in our house.

There were signs for Strawberry Socials, Strawberries and Salad or Strawberry something all over. Usually on church notice boards. This one was in front of...

a house that was once home to Lucy Maud Montgomery, author of the Anne of Green Gables books. L.M. Montgomery was a minister's wife and the church where he was a pastor was right across the street from this house. We didn't go in and I'm not altogether sure you can tour it.

This is one of the plaques outside the house.

Here's the other one. This one was put up by the federal government while the other one is a provincial government historical plaque. Seems sort of overkill to me.

We saw some horses...

some cows...

and a lot of bikers out for a ride on a wonderful warm day.

Checked out a new quilt store in Lindsay, Ontario that's only been opened for about a half a year.

The owner, Sandra Falconer, kindly let me take a few photos. 

They gained about a foot in floor space when they renovated and loads of height since there were false walls and a false ceiling.

They did a super job with the renovations and if I am in the area, I will drop in again. There used to be a Fabricland in town but it closed down and so it's nice to know that quilters in the area have a place to go to.

When we pulled up to this chip truck, there was only one customer. When I went into the quilt store, there was only one customer besides me but when I left (after about 15 minutes) there were many more people that had come in. I guess we attracted a crowd.

We had eaten here before and, although the chips and gravy were OK, next time we will try another chip truck. These weren't fresh cut, homemade fries.

We kept driving through small towns.

We saw some gorgeous old brick houses. These red brick houses are the norm in southern Ontario.

Some newer houses mimic the old style.

We saw more farms.

And an old cemetery.

We drove through more small towns.

Someone turned right instead of left and look, there in the distance, is that water?

A little off course and we ended up at Lake Simcoe. Oh well, it wasn't too far from home. Just head straight south.

For some reason this fellow...

juggles on the street corner. We have seen him before. 

And through it all, Baxter slept in the backseat.