Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Maple Leaf Forever...

That is the song.

Here are mine.

One more maple leaf block to make. It's a small wall hanging. I was all set to applique that stem but the instructions indicated that it was to be pieced. Much easier.

I'll show it to you once it's all done.

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Thursday, October 18, 2012

A super special family

Today is my birthday. From the moment I woke up, it has been filled with well wishes from family and friends but ... especially with flowers. Whether they live here in the same city or across the country, the flowers have been arriving.

First off though, is this ...

This is the outside of the card. The design is made with sand.
And this is the inside. By little Luc who is 18 months old. It may not be much to you but it sure did bring a smile to my lips this morning when I opened up the card.

So, now I will share my floral day with all of you.

There were just too many cut flowers from my husband to fit into one vase.

This arrangement, from Mark and Kate, arrived at 8:40 a.m. along with...

these gorgeous flowers from Maili and Casey.


Then, at 12:00 noon, there was a knock on the screen door. It was a local florist delivery guy and after I accepted the arrangement and told him that it was the third one that day, he told me that a fourth was in the truck. So, I put this one, from Eric and Ashlee, in the kitchen while he got the other one. I had been in the kitchen with the music blaring but I had left the door open so I wouldn't miss anything. I was told to expect a delivery today but I wasn't expecting multiples. We don't have a doorbell and I tend not to hear knocks on the door or the ringing of the phone if I am in my sewing studio with the audio tapes on.

So, here's a close-up and ...

from my family in British Columbia, Laila, Gilles and little Luc, I received these. When my daughter got married  4 years ago her bouquet was sunflowers.

And, since I have 5 children and one husband, the last arrangement just arrived.

Inside a pumpkin and with lollypops - from Ayla and David.

And here they all are without all the wrapping.

Two years ago my birthday was extra special because on that day I found out that I was going to become a grandmother for the first time and now I would like to announce that little Luc will become a big brother next year. We are all thrilled that our family is growing.

I'm going back to the kitchen to bake some cookies and listen to more Dean Martin.
I hope your day is a good one.
Mine's better than yours by a long shot. Dinner with the whole family (the ones in town, that is.)

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Cute sewing

I have been sewing something that is cute and also useful. I have made these oven mitts before but I don't know if I took a photo of them before I gave them away.

I first saw this pattern at a quilt show but I didn't buy it. It seems I had to think about it for a while and finally I did purchase the pattern at a quilt store - months later. Not all quilt stores carried it because I remember when I was out west a couple of years ago I asked about it and described it to the proprietor of a quilt store. She didn't have it but looked it up on the internet and after I confirmed that that was indeed the pattern I was after, she promptly declared it cute and put in an order for it.

Here's the latest ones - cupcake oven mitts. Cute and useful.

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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Easing back

Trying to do some sewing, but not wanting to hem the pants that my son handed me this weekend and not motivated enough to dive right in to the quilt that still needs borders. So...

I got some fabrics together and cut them up into 2.5 inch squares, sewed them together and now I have added two more blocks to this scrappy quilt. I really do like this and have go put more fabrics together. Scraps that are solid or read as such are what I'm looking for. I'm also knitting one of those frill scarves and will post a photo once it's finished.

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Monday, October 1, 2012

Random photos

Nothing whatsoever to do with sewing, stitching, knitting or any other needle art.

My little grandson Luc and me. No, I did not teach him that. I was just trying to take a picture of the both of us and whenever I concentrate, my tongue sticks out. I guess little Luc was just mimicking me.
Momma's little helper. Luc enjoys taking things out of the washing machine and putting them  into the drier.
Cars, trains, trucks and anything with wheels is what fascinates little Luc.
 One of my favourite photos of Luc. His mom has a great smile too. This was his first swing ride.
I have been absent from blogging. The previous posts were pre-posted because I was in the interior of B.C. looking after this little guy for the month of September. Satellite internet is quite slow at times when it comes to uploading photos onto the blog and that's why I pre-posted. It will take a little while before I get back into visiting all of you and I do have some quilting to get done so take care, you will hear from me again - shortly.