Friday, July 30, 2021

Still at it

Today is World Embroidery Day and I posted this photo of one of my quilts that has a some embroidery on it.

It was a block of the month from Diana Schmitz in 2011 (she no longer has a blog.) I had some fabric that I really didn't like all that much but I put it together with other fabrics and, because the pieces aren't that big, it all fit together and worked. At the moment, this quilt hangs in my hall and it's the first thing you see when you enter my house. I like it and thought it was a nice quilt to display for the spring and summer months.

Although the quilting and sewing has slowed down, I have still managed to do something other than repair jobs.

This is a small zippered bag that can be used to hold keys or hand cream or hand sanitizer in your purse.

It can be made in any size. My eldest daughter wanted another one (I made one last year or the year before.) The pattern is easy and it's all on youtube. The lady who designed this is Laura Ann Coia and she has a youtube channel called SewVeryEasy where she demonstrates how to sew many different things. I did make another one that was a bit smaller and my middle daughter took it. The red ribbon is a strap that can be attached to your purse with a pin so that the little pouch doesn't get lost in the bottom of your bag. Check out the youtube - it's less than 10 minutes long. This little bag took me less than two hours to make.

I have all my fabrics together to make a small quilt and once the top is done, I shall take a photo and post it. I am also knitting two sweaters in chunky wool for the little twins. One sweater just needs to be put together and the collar finished and I am currently knitting the two sleeves at the same time for the other sweater. It's yarn that I have had for decades and purchased when my children were little. I am trying not to buy anything and just use up what I have now.

Thursday, July 22, 2021

Just some cross stitching

Taking a break from quilting for a bit, I decided to do a bit of cross stitching. Nothing too big, just a bookmark.

I didn't realize when I started that this is actually full coverage. I just liked the design and decided to use my own colours. I've done a bit more on this but it's not quite finished yet. The Aida cloth was purchased on Etsy from a fairly local person and I really like the way the edges are finished.

Since the first bookmark was taking so long to finish, I found another design that had way less work on it.

I also started a couple of stitch alongs but they have been put on hold for now. 

On another sad note: My quilting friend Marg suffered a stroke a couple of weeks ago. She had a brain hemorrhage, was operated on, was in ICU for a week and is now in a ward waiting to be admitted to a long term care facility. There is only one person allowed to see her and that is her son. I am told that her speech is indecipherable and that she may suffer another stroke at anytime. Marg was a smoker but never had any kind of cancer. I am hoping that she will be able to communicate with therapy.