Thursday, July 13, 2023


It all started with one shell stitch blanket to use up some yarn. It was made years ago while I was in BC visiting my eldest daughter and her family. It ended up in Toronto and is now used by my middle daughter's children in the stroller.

Then, I made another - this time in the UK while I was visiting my youngest daughter and it is a smaller stroller blanket for a grandson. Once again, to use up some yarn.

I bought this yarn in England when I was visiting my youngest daughter and her family. The yarn was a package of three or four big balls on sale and I figured I could do something with it so I crocheted a lap blanket for stroller walks for one of my granddaughters.

After making that blanket, my granddaughter liked it so much that she now takes it to bed with her every night. Her sister then wanted a blanket and this pink striped one is the one I made for her. 

Here's her cousin who wanted a blanket too. I used up that middle yarn that I had purchased in England and a few other pinky yarns that I had. 
And then her twin sister wanted one.

This time, a blue blanket. All the yarns are worsted weight but they seem to be different. Some are softer than others. I actually bought the lighter blue variegated yarn which was a big ball. I just finished this one and have to weave in the ends. These last two blankets are about 38 inches long and they do stretch over time. The twins want them to cover their legs when they watch TV which is housed in the basement. 
I think I will now take a break from crocheting blankets. 

Stay tuned...
I have so much more yarn to use up.

Monday, July 3, 2023

Something new

It's Row by Row time again. There aren't many quilt shops participating. In Canada there are only four provinces that are offering patterns and kits. I liked some of the patterns and decided I would purchase some kits. Here's the beginning.

Please excuse the photo. I took it outside while there was still a bit of light. I'll take better photos as I continue with the rows. Here's three rows. All machine applique. The theme this year is summertime. I have two more rows that are pieced. One is complete and the other is almost finished. The flowers and butterflies in the top row were all pre-cut so it went together quickly. That row is not fused but just sewn around all the applique pieces. The kit came with yellow buttons that are for the centre of the flowers. I will sew them on at some point. I have two butterflies that I will sew somewhere on the whole quilt but I didn't want to add them to that row. I thought it would look too busy. I am planning on quilting a butterfly or two in the empty spaces.

Saturday, July 1, 2023

Canada Day

 Happy Canada Day!!!