Saturday, September 22, 2018

Fall Quilt Show - Part 3

Continuing on...

Just a little close-up.

A different version. This one is in wool.

A really old pattern.

Something a little different.

I do like the colours in this quilt.

That's it for today. I hope some of the quilts have inspired you.

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Fall Quilt Show - Part 2

My apologies for not posting these photos sooner but I've been a bit busy looking after grandchildren. I shall endeavour to get through these photos in the next couple of days. There is another quilt show this weekend so I will be posting even more photos.

For those of you in the Toronto area, the quilt show is being hosted by the Yorkshire Rose Quilt Guild at the Ellesmere Community Recreation Centre,
20 Canadian Rd. Scarborough, Ont.
The show is on Saturday, September 22 from 10 - 5 and Sunday, September 23 from 10 - 4.
Here's a link to more information:

And now, some more photos of the Buckhorn Quilters' Guild quilt show. Don't forget that if you wish to see a bigger version of any of the photos, just click on the picture.

I have found that the Bonnie Hunter patterns have so many pieces to them and quite often quilters make scrap quilts so it's refreshing to see a controlled palette being used.

I love the colours of this quilt. Nothing stands out; nothing is glaring. It's all a wonderful mix with an impressive border.

Just a little close-up of the work that went into this quilt.

The quilter really got creative with little yoyos and those embroidered stems are hand quilted on both sides.

This was machine quilted but I didn't hold that against it. I thought this was just a striking quilt.

Nice, eh? I just noticed the stitching on the navy border.

This looks just like a spool quilt, right?

But just look what you can do with your teeny tiny blocks. There certainly were a lot of little pieced blocks in this quilt. I suppose it could be one way to use up those little nine patch blocks that a lot of people were making and swapping at one time.

It's just a single Irish Chain but it just shows new quilters what you can do with the lowly nine patch.

This has a nice story to it.

I like explanations to how a quilt came together.

I'm having a lot of fun re-visiting the show. I'll have more photos to show you soon.

Monday, September 10, 2018

Fall Quilt Show

Not exactly fall but it is the first quilt show of the season that I have attended. 
Click on the photos to make them bigger for viewing.

The Buckhorn Area Quilters' Guild Show was in a great venue, the Buckhorn Community Centre, where the lighting was excellent. There was wonderful colour and a great mix of modern and traditional patterns with both hand quilted and machine quilted quilts. I thoroughly enjoyed walking around taking photos (I always ask if photos are allowed) and at least two volunteers asked how I was enjoying the show. 

This was part of the grounds behind the main building. 

There were so many quilts that some were hung in an outbuilding and several of the other outbuildings were taken over by the vendors, the featured quilter (Paul Leger), the tearoom and the guild's own members' boutique. 

The day was sunny and the temperature, to me, not too cool and not too hot. I hope you enjoy the quilts as much as I did.

This was one of the first quilts to greet you as you entered.

What a fun quilt. This one faced the one above (modern and traditional.)

Such a cute name for the quilt.

Hand quilted whereas the first one was machine quilted.

One version of The Farmers Wife.

Another version.

 And yet, one more Farmer's Wife.

A close-up.

One lady thought that this was an apt title.

See what I mean about colour?

Lots of bright colours.

 Lots of subdued colours.

An old pattern.

Another old pattern.

There are a lot more photos but that's it for today.