Tuesday, April 17, 2012

New knitting

Not much in the way of sewing these days. I did, however, start a little sweater for a special little boy.

This yarn is actually more purple than it shows in the photo.

This is little Luc who the sweater is for. He will be turning ONE on the 20th. I am here in BC with him having fun. He was ill last week but he's fine now and getting back to his regular routine.

I am linking up again with the Needle and Thread Network so pop on by to see what others are up to this week.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Sewing for a little boy

The little gingham shirt is finished. Same steps as a grown-up shirt so it wasn't all that quick. One look at this and my daughters said it reminded them of their brother Mark. He's the one who wore a lot of the shirts I made.
A hat for the warmer days to come. Made of flannel instead of fleece this time. It's a little big right now though.

This is a little fleece outfit. This is closest to the exact colour of the fleece.

Here's a shot of the outfit but with the flash on the camera. The colour looks a bit washed out.
Luc, my little grandson, turns one on the 20th of this month. I just wanted to make him some new clothes and try out some patterns. I still have to make him a summer hat.

I am linking up with the Needle and Thread Network. If you have the time, go check out the link to see what other Canadians are up to.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Quilt show - Part two

A t-shirt quilt. I like the stars in the sashing.

 The blurb for the t-shirt quilt.

At first glance, this looked just like any other basket quilt.

Each block was done differently. Some had textured 3-D flowers.

Some blocks were embroidered and then coloured in.

It really was interesting to look at all the different blocks.

Even floral fabric was utilized in the broderie perse technique.

I think the basket colour highlights the flowers wonderfully.

I like the second border that she used. It's not another solid but little square blocks. I think it just adds to the interest of the whole quilt.

There's a lot of pattern to this quilt once you start to look.

Gorgeous colours. It sort of has an Egyptian feel to it and reminds me of the palm leaf pattern.

Another bright quilt. I like her applique border.

There were a lot of these row quilts. Most of them had a black background and for some reason I didn't take any photos of them. This one is navy.

You really can't tell, but I think this one was brown. I liked looking at them because they used different elements but they were the same these - different fish, different sail boats, etc.

This looks like a One Block Wonder quilt.

 A wall hanging with 3-D elements.

A few more smaller quilts.

With Easter so near, I had to take a photo of this humourous little quilt.

Applique set in a different way - in columns.

I do like the colours used in this bargello quilt.

A nice beginner quilt made with gorgeous batiks.

A Country Journal pattern by Maggie Walker. I do like her applique patterns but they are so very expensive.

This was made as a block of the month at a quilt store.

The maker of this quilt wrote that the blocks sat for quite a while before she finally decided to put them all together. It now hangs in her kitchen. I wouldn't keep it in the kitchen if  I made it. I would probably hang it in the dining room.

Well, that's it for another quilt show.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Quilt show - Part one

This past weekend I was lucky enough to get to one of the two quilt shows that were being put on. It was the smaller of the two but it still had a lot to offer. Kindred Hearts Quilters Guild's show was only on Friday and Saturday.

Judy, my quilting buddy and I have a method to our wandering. We do the walls on the outside first and then we view all the quilts that they have hanging. We start from one side and work our way to the other side. That way, we won't miss anything.

Deb, the maker of the quilt above is one of the blogs that I follow. That's how I found out about this show.
Her blog is Patchwork Sanity.

She's a hand quilter and I loved the quilting design on this quilt.

Stunning colour combination.

There were some mini quilts...

and more minis...

and then there were bags.

I really liked this patter with the little pockets on the side.

This tote was a really nice pattern too.

This is a Jinny Beyer pattern - and possibly a kit.

I didn't take a photo of the whole quilt because I couldn't really make out much of the detail of this whole cloth quilt. So, I just concentrated on showing the hand quilting.

Here's the little blurb on it. The lighting was not the greatest in the hall and that's one of the reasons that the quilts were more difficult to photograph.

This stack and whack quilt had a great border fabric. Of course, the pieces in the stars blocks are made from the border - but all cut up. Click on it to enlarge the photo and you will see that it is a Hallowe'en theme.

 This was a fun quilt that combined piecing and applique.

Love the simplicity of this and the bright colours that show up so well with the black background.

Believe it or not, this quilt was not striking when looking at it up close. It wasn't until I showed the whole quilt in my little camera that Judy and I realized what a nice quilt this one was. I'm pretty sure it was hand quilted too.

I think this triple panel was a kit.

Another fairly simple quilt but very striking in her colour placement.

This looks like it's two quilt blocks put together, but because of the colours used and the the fact that the blocks are turned, it all works together.

I will leave you with this cute little baby quilt. It was both hand and machine quilted and I think the pattern is from either Quiltmakers or Quilters Newsletter Magazine.

More tomorrow.