Saturday, April 30, 2011

Tea time and friends

Here's my April entry for Allie's Christmas Through the Year.

A red, white and blue tea cozy. It's for my friend (she doesn't read this blog.)

See, it fits my tea pot so I know it will fit hers too.

And I had to show you this cute little card that I got from my friend Simone. She said that she chose the card hoping that I can soon hold my grandchild. Thank  you again Simone.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Little update

This is my new desktop photo.

A little daddy time.

Baby Luc Fraser and his Mom, my daughter Laila.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Kawartha Quiltmakers' Guild Quilt Show - Part three

Here's the final installment of what was a great quilt show.

Batiks in red and pink.

I love the colours in this.

Simple but effective and in batiks.

There's pinwheels in between the blocks that I just noticed.

Drunkard's path with some wonderful appliqued flowers.

Another delicate looking quilt with nine patches and snowball blocks.

A striking black and white sampler.

You don't see too many medallion quilts being made these days.

A bright scrappy quilt.

Judy said she had seen this one before. There are one hundred little squares there. I think the label said that it was made to take to the cottage for the children. What a fun quilt.

Another bright quilt.

The quiltmaker made this quilt in honour of all the cats that she has had.

This one again. Srappy and white. I guess I should show mine one day.

A stack-n-whack quilt. The main, cut up fabric is obviously the border.

 A one block wonder (but the encore version that has the 3D blocks) which is similar to the stack and whack.

 This quilt was inspired by the central piece of fabric that the quilter's son brought back from his travels.

A cute quilt.

This pattern, round the twist, was popular quite a while ago. It's nice to see it still being made.

This is a modern quilt pattern.

Some intricate piecing here.

 I will end now with these three quilts. Same pattern but different fabrics.

It's the fabric used as the shadow that makes the quilt interesting.

I hope you enjoyed the show and you didn't even have to leave home.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Kawartha Quiltmakers' Guild Quilt Show - Part two

There were a lot of quilts to look at and so, here are a few more.

This is a Debi Hubbs pattern called Vino. I really do like her patterns, they are a lot of fun.

Another fun quilt.

I really would have liked to see this quilt up close but it was quite high up.

I liked this modern quilt which was so simplistic in design. It was very different from anything else.

A Piece O'Cake design from the book "Applique Outside the Lines." Gorgeous colours.

Another quilt that was simple in its design but very effective.

This was quite a unique quilt. 

Here's a close-up.

And another close-up.

One very simple block comprised of two templates, four pieces and various colours makes a nice easy quilt.

 Another one done with slightly different fabrics.

Bright African-themed prints.

Gorgeous batiks in a drunkard's path pattern.

 I could say another one with batiks but Judy and I noticed that many, many quilts used batiks. More so than any other quilt show I have attended.

Hawaiian applique with a pillow tuck (that's the white part under the first three blocks for those of you who don't know.) It's nice to know that these quilts are intended to be used and are not just sitting in a cupboard.

 Another Hawaiian quilt. I have a wall hanging that is cut but not yet sewn. It's been a UFO for years and years so I admire anyone who has put together a whole quilt in Hawaiian patterns.

This quilt was stunning.

Here's a close-up.

 Another beautifully appliqued quilt. This one was hand quilted. As a matter of fact, in addition to a lot of the quilts using batiks, there were a lot of quilts that were hand quilted.

This one had some 3D applique.

See what I mean? Those star points stick out. It was quite effective but not something I would attempt.


a close-up of the machine quilting.

 Another hand applique and hand quilted quilt.

I love the nine patch pattern. The Champagne Quilters love the nine patch pattern. It is so easy and yet so versatile and effective in how one uses it. A great one for using up scraps.

My friend Judy really liked the border.

Scrap quilts are so effective it you stick with a limited colour palette. Since the Champagne Quilters try to use up some of the fabric that has been donated to us, we can't really do something like this. We have started a string quilt and even though we only have 12 blocks done, they are striking. I will have some photos next week (hopefully.)

And now, back to the quilt show. I leave you with these two maple leaf quilts. This one is paired with bargello.

And this last one is paired with log cabin blocks. Both are similar in colours and both are really nice.

Stay tuned for the last installment tomorrow.