Saturday, April 30, 2011

Tea time and friends

Here's my April entry for Allie's Christmas Through the Year.

A red, white and blue tea cozy. It's for my friend (she doesn't read this blog.)

See, it fits my tea pot so I know it will fit hers too.

And I had to show you this cute little card that I got from my friend Simone. She said that she chose the card hoping that I can soon hold my grandchild. Thank  you again Simone.


  1. Dolores, I counted you in the give-away - AND posted your pics on my blog, lol! What a darling card from Simone, that was so sweet!

  2. Ooh love the tea cosy - and the picture is adorable! as is the baby :O)
    Happy Sunday :O)

  3. Love the tea cozy - makes me think I should make one. The card your friend sent is adorable; I hope you get to hold your grandchild soon.

  4. A cheerful tea cozy Dolores! Very nice! 8-)

  5. Such a pretty tea cozy! So spring-like (o:


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