Friday, January 25, 2013

More doll quilts

I have finished 10 little quilts so far and four pillows. Six more little pillows to go.

Once they are done, I am going to do something else.
Have a safe, enjoyable weekend.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013


As with a lot of you out there, I am completing some things that were started but then, for one reason or another, were left unfinished.

I had photocopied the pattern for this little sweater soon after I found out that I was to be a grandmother for the first time. It looked like it was doable once I got a few easier knitting things done. I hadn't knitted since my children were really little. The remarks on the photo were a reminder to myself as to what kind of yarn to use and how much of it I needed. It just happened that I had purchased some burgundy worsted weight yarn when I was in Williams Lake, B. C. visiting my little grandson Luc for the first time.
I finally started it last year but then Christmas came and went and I had no time, nor the inclination to work on it. Then I decided that if I wanted to start something new for Luc's sibling, due at the end of March, then I should really finish something. This has been my evening project while watching TV and I have just one more sleeve to knit. I do love the pattern and it is easy but involves counting so there has been some 'going back a few stitches.' I don't want to say unknitting because I haven't had to undo any rows - just a few stitches. I have no idea who it will be for so after it's complete, it will join some of the other knitted things that I have been collecting.
I want to make a matinee jacket in pure white (Debbie Bliss Cashmerino) for the new baby. I don't know what the yarn is like but I have read that it is soft.
I have also been busy sewing. These are little doll quilts that I have made using up some scraps, unwanted blocks and quilter's candy - you know those little 4", 5", 6" or 7" squares you get when you attend quilt shows? I have them in a clear plastic shoe box and wondered how best to use them up. Making doll quilts was the perfect solution. Also, I have some old fabrics that have been sitting on my shelves for years and I was all set to donate more to charity but then I figured they would make great backings. I also have some flat batting to use up. Some of the batting is cotton and others are a combination. I'm not a fan of hand quilting with it so this is, again, the perfect oppportunity to use it up. It does feel so good to use up what I have and make something useful. So far, I have not purchased any quilt fabric this year and I will continue to dig into my scraps and other fabrics to use up what I have. Although I did purchase some yarn recently, I will be trying to use up what I have in that department also. There is quite a bit of chunky yarn that needs a project so I guess little Luc will be getting another sweater this year.
I'm linking up with The Needle and Thread Network so pop on over to see what other people are working on this week.

Friday, January 18, 2013

A finish and continuing on

I finished quilting this last year in August but had to put it away because I went to B.C. in September. Then, when I came home, I forgot about it. October came and went and then little Luc and his mom came for a visit. After they left, I had to get ready for Christmas. I finally stumbled upon it and realized that it was not finished. So now, it is totally complete. The binding got sewn on and there is a label on the back. It was a freebie online pattern called Juniper Hollow from McCall's Magazine several years ago.

I'm slowly working on making a few more doll quilts (I'll show them when they are done) and I'm also adding to my 16 patch quilt.

 I love all the different colours. I'm just going to plug away at this and make two at a time when I feel I need an infusion of colour. I'm also going to be working on a new baby quilt. I have to hustle with that one.

My weekend is going to be a busy one and I hope yours will be creative and fun.

Monday, January 14, 2013

A small detour

Well, it seems that uploading photos is hit and miss these days. Loads of bloggers have been complaining and I couldn't upload this morning either. However, I switched computers and now I am using Firefox and things are back to normal.

I have every intention of completing things that have been started but while I was searching my pdfs for something, I came across Bunny Hill's 2011 block of the month, Henrietta Whiskers. I did not follow along and do the blocks every month when they were posted. Those that did, uploaded their photos onto a Flikr site and I have been perusing it. There are some imaginative people out there. I decided to begin my quilt mainly because I liked the squirrel and we have quite a few around here.

Not all the pieces are sewn together in this photo but I have now prepped all the blocks for the applique. There is some embroidery involved, hence the hoop. I just dove into my scraps to make these. I liked what other people did with their applique and I will take what I want out of the pdfs and create as I go along. I really didn't understand the stars in all the pumpkins in the original. We shall see what evolves as I slowly work on this.

My red Amaryllis gave me six beautiful blooms. Once these are gone I may purchase some tulip or daffodil bulbs.
After record breaking warm weather, we are back to colder days. Still great walking weather - makes you walk faster to keep warm.

I'll be back with some other things I am working on.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Not the same

I purchased this Amaryllis sometime before Christmas. It was a good price and I needed some colour in my kitchen.

Isn't it pretty? Delicate colours and I like the name too - Apple Blossom. It took a long time to start, at least it seemed like a long time. Perhaps it wasn't warm enough in my kitchen. Anyway, I have been watching with bated breath the last couple of days because the buds were about to open.

Well, looky here. Nothing like like picture on the box at all. A deep red Amaryllis is what I got. I'm not complaining but it definitely is different from what I was waiting for. It has at least 5 blooms and they seem to be opening up at different times. I must say, it is a nice surprise. My kitchen now has some colour - a great Christmas colour.
Note: I did put on word verification for a bit since I was getting so many wonderful emails filled with gibberish from Anonymous. I'll take it off after awhile.