Wednesday, July 29, 2009

YouTube and his and her aprons

Just sitting here checking out my blog buddies and listening to Marco Antonio Solis on YouTube.  It's raining so its indoor activities today. Cleaning floors, sewing, you get the picture... Youngest son Eric, left this morning to visit big sis Laila. He is on the plane to BC as I write this and won't touch down for another two hours. He took with him the little housewarming gift of the wonky houses quilt and the following two aprons. My daughter and her husband have birthdays in August and she requested aprons. All their stuff is in storage until the 10th or 11th of August while they, with the help of Eric, take down wallpaper, paint and lay new flooring. Oh yeah,and cut the grass, make trips to the dump and generally clean up their new 'old' home. I helped Eric stuff his huge bag (looked like a big sports bag) and close the zipper. I had repaired it since some of the seams had come apart after little sis used it. I was shown one hole but found two more areas where the seams were splitting and so, when I saw how much trouble Eric was having closing the zipper, I prayed that the bag and its contents all got to BC safely. On top were these two aprons.
I took shots of fabric when my daughter requested 'countrified' fabrics. His apron, being modelled by Eric last night, is a blue gingham that I thought was blue and black but it's really two shades of blue.
The fabric in this apron that Maili is modelling is heavier than quilting cotton - but not as heavy as twill or duck. The colour is a check in peach and pink.
And this last apron that Ayla found in the cupboard is years old. It is a gift I made for Father's Day as a barbecue apron. All the little ones signed their names at the time (I think someone signed Ayla's or helped her form her letters.) Anyway, as you can see it has been used - although not lately and features a 3-D hot dog and hamburger. I loved making it with all the things we like on our dogs and burgers - mustard and relish on the dog and a tomato (or ketchup) and an onion on the burger. All fabrics were cotton polyester or whatever was in my stash at the time. The onion was embroidered and the relish was just raw-edge applique (tacked.) Way ahead of my time with that. On second inspection, I wrote most of their names on it - so it is really old!!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Everything old is new again and more diversions

This is a picture of Maili, my middle daughter, who used to live and work in California. She is wearing a sweater/shrug that I purchased eons ago. Her little sis found it in my closet and confiscated it one day and then it sat in her closet. Maili found it and now it's 'cool' to wear. I thought, when I bought it, that it would have made a nice little sweater for special occasions like a wedding and seeing as how there is one that we are attending this weekend, I may just borrow it back.
Maili is the one that put the faces on the heads I made. I have been busy with the things below and so the bodies/body have not yet been made.
My quilting buddy Judy and I decided to exchange paper-pieced animals. They had to be North American mammals and we eventually will make a Canadian-themed quilt. Judy, of course, is further along than I am. I have to make one more of these little blocks - a lot of work.
Since Maili has been going to parties (it seems there are a lot of birthdays this summer,) she has been very creative and making cupcakes to bring with her. I will post pics of horses, owls and hamburgers just as soon as I have them. This little apron above is one I whipped up for one of her friends as a b-day gift.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Back - for now and the quilt is finished

My wonderful middle daughter, the former Miss California, Maili, has downloaded Safari and that is the internet browser I am using. It is not perfect but it does work - at least for now. It takes a bit of getting used to - like anything new.

I have completed my little quilt and here are the pictures. It is a house warming gift for my eldest daughter Laila and her husband Gilles. They just purchased their first house together in B.C. 
I then auditioned border fabric and even though it is hard to see in this picture, I went with the process of elimination and settled on the darkest green. I only have a small piece of it left and so I figure, it was meant to be.
Next step was putting it together with the backing fabric and batting. 
I usually don't use a hoop when the quilt is this small. I just pin it all together.

Then I baste it all both ways about every 4 inches or so apart. It was hand quilted and bound. I had to use black to bind it since there wasn't enough of the dark green. The label is on and now I just have to put on the hanging sleeve.
I now have two aprons to make and a bag or two - and another quilt has been started and I have to get down to working on it.

**Some of the photos are clickable and so you can see a close-up. But some of them are not clickable. Does anybody know why this happens? It isn't Safari because the same thing happened in Explorer.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Another diversion

Ok, so I did it again. I deviated from finishing the little quilt. I just had to make these little heads and since neither myself nor my daughter have ever made a doll's face, I thought I would make a few in case of 'accidents.' Actually, I asked my daughter to draw them - chicken that I am.
A couple of weeks ago I was lucky enough to win another giveaway. Felt from Felt-o-rama. I have plans for some of this stuff but I have a few other things to finish up first.
This lovely piece of fabric is the backing of the little quilt I am working on. I bought it on sale a while ago. I figure it would come in handy one day for something I would make for my eldest daughter and her husband. They are the outdoorsy types with all the toys - boat, ATV, snowmobile. They always try to make time for fishing and are always willing to take family and friends out. Their recent purchase of a house in BC had a few things going for it - loads of property and right on the river.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Needlecase diversion

I have been making a small wall hanging that I will show later this week when it is all finished. In the meantime, I needed to complete something small and I thought I would try out Kaaren's pattern for a needlecase. My middle daughter, Maili, was impressed. I see room for improvement with my binding. It was, after all, only a sample. I like trying out new things and if there is a tutorial, then it is that much easier.
I feel the need to make another biscornu but I have to make a couple of aprons first. It was a request of my eldest daughter, Laila. She, and her husband Gilles, have birthdays within a week of each other and since they just purchased a house, she wants two countryfied (?) aprons. The fabric for both are checks but one is pinky orange and the other is a blue and black gingham. I will show those once they are done. Now back to finishing the quilt - it's for her but don't tell her.

Sunday, July 5, 2009


I have been thinking that I have not posted photos of my hall quilts in a while. This one, which is found beside the staircase (hence the awkward angle for the photo), is call Mid Night. It is made from a pattern that appeared in McCalls magazine many, many years ago. I borrowed it from the hospital book cart when I was having one of my children (can't remember which one it was.) Anyway, I made the pattern as it was in the magazine (that one is still a UFO since I do not know how to quilt it effectively) and then I decided I would make the quilt using the same blocks but in a totally different colour scheme and placed differently. The quilting is just something to fill in the big spaces and all the quilting is done in white thread. There are stars in three different sizes quilted in all the black areas. The label indicates that I finished it in March of 1993. (Click on the photos to get a better view of the quilting.)

Further down the hall, by the basement stairs is P. Cassos's Broad. This was a fun little quilt to do. It was a guild challenge for a quilt show. If you wanted to participate, you were given a little brown bag with odd little things and I think you had to use everything. I did not alter any of the things I ended up with. I'm still not into beading (although I would like to be) and so her earring is just a string of beads that was in the bag. Her eyes are porcelain flowers with a hole in the middle. There were three of them and the other one is found in one of the two hanging things at the bottom. I freehand drew the face on a piece of muslin and then zig-zagged over the pencil lines. I still have another face that I want to do something like this with. The bag also had a length of ribbon and you can see it just above her head. I didn't sew it down but left it loose. It has a batt but I don't know what I used - probably a piece of flannel. It is machine quilted and I didn't even put a label on the back. I was probably running out of time.

No this is not a quilt but a photo of the birthday girl Ayla, who would like to thank everyone for the birthday wishes. Since MJ died one week before, she thought she would honour him by incorporating him in her birthday. Big sis Maili made the cake (I held the template while she sprinkled icing sugar) and the cup/mug is dad's. Since he was a MJ fan, friends got him this years ago. It needed a bit of cleaning up since it was on top of the kitchen cupboards for quite a few years before being relegated to the inside of the cupboard.

P.S. the necklace she is wearing is one I had in grade eight(?) It belonged to my friend's sister who no longer wanted it and since I had a turquoise burlap dress (fully lined) at the time, she gave me the necklace.