Sunday, July 5, 2009


I have been thinking that I have not posted photos of my hall quilts in a while. This one, which is found beside the staircase (hence the awkward angle for the photo), is call Mid Night. It is made from a pattern that appeared in McCalls magazine many, many years ago. I borrowed it from the hospital book cart when I was having one of my children (can't remember which one it was.) Anyway, I made the pattern as it was in the magazine (that one is still a UFO since I do not know how to quilt it effectively) and then I decided I would make the quilt using the same blocks but in a totally different colour scheme and placed differently. The quilting is just something to fill in the big spaces and all the quilting is done in white thread. There are stars in three different sizes quilted in all the black areas. The label indicates that I finished it in March of 1993. (Click on the photos to get a better view of the quilting.)

Further down the hall, by the basement stairs is P. Cassos's Broad. This was a fun little quilt to do. It was a guild challenge for a quilt show. If you wanted to participate, you were given a little brown bag with odd little things and I think you had to use everything. I did not alter any of the things I ended up with. I'm still not into beading (although I would like to be) and so her earring is just a string of beads that was in the bag. Her eyes are porcelain flowers with a hole in the middle. There were three of them and the other one is found in one of the two hanging things at the bottom. I freehand drew the face on a piece of muslin and then zig-zagged over the pencil lines. I still have another face that I want to do something like this with. The bag also had a length of ribbon and you can see it just above her head. I didn't sew it down but left it loose. It has a batt but I don't know what I used - probably a piece of flannel. It is machine quilted and I didn't even put a label on the back. I was probably running out of time.

No this is not a quilt but a photo of the birthday girl Ayla, who would like to thank everyone for the birthday wishes. Since MJ died one week before, she thought she would honour him by incorporating him in her birthday. Big sis Maili made the cake (I held the template while she sprinkled icing sugar) and the cup/mug is dad's. Since he was a MJ fan, friends got him this years ago. It needed a bit of cleaning up since it was on top of the kitchen cupboards for quite a few years before being relegated to the inside of the cupboard.

P.S. the necklace she is wearing is one I had in grade eight(?) It belonged to my friend's sister who no longer wanted it and since I had a turquoise burlap dress (fully lined) at the time, she gave me the necklace.


  1. That Midnight quilt is gorgeous!!! The colors are very striking. The quilting is perfect. I love the small quilt - I love doing faces. Very clever of you to use everything in the bag! A super quilt.
    Ayla is so pretty and happy looking! That cake is just inspired - what a great idea! Love the necklace too, very fashionable!

  2. Hi Dolores,

    Your Midnight Quilt and Indian one is wonderful and thanks for showing us.

    It was great to see your pretty daughter on her birthday. Such a neat cake and lovely idea.

    Have a good week

  3. Your quilts are gorgeous Dolores. I have some of my needlepoints hanging upstairs and it is lovely to have reminders of your own work and when they were created.

    Your daughter is lovely and such a great tribute of the mug and hand. I loved MJ's glove when he was dancing. He will be sorely missed. Actually I cannot believe he has gone yet.

  4. Ah!
    The quilt lady.
    I have just been nattering via the web to another blogger about quilts. Clicked your blog..... beautiful.
    Colour perfect.
    x x x

  5. your quilts are fabulous! i love the P. Casso....very creative solutions for a brown bag challenge! happy belated birthday to looks like she had a fun party! :)

  6. Your quilts are really neat. What a talented gal you are! That MJ glove cake is humorous! Happy Birthday to your friend! (belatedly)

  7. I love your P. Cassos's Broad quilt...very quirky!
    I've enjoyed visiting your blog. Your dog Baxter is very cute (and reminds me very much of my little dog Oakey...maltese/shitsu X). Like your fellow, when he has a hair cut, no one recognises him.


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