Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Several projects

Variety. They say it's the 'spice of life.' It certainly helps with boredom.

These are my 52 blocks in 52 weeks before I finished the last three. I took this photo to see how they looked altogether and to see if I was missing a block or two.

Although I tried to make eight of everything, I got stuck in yellow for a while. The three just fit right in - one blue, one red and one green. There is a duplicate in orange because, once following the directions, it made two identical blocks. I haven't found a suitable setting for these yet.

This is just the beginning of a Lemon Squeezy (the free pattern is by Lion Brand) blanket. I normally use white with little bright yarns (Bon bons by Lion Brand) but since I had some pastel yarns, I thought I would try navy instead of white.

I'm also working on a small cross stitch but I can't show it since it's for a special someone.

My carnations are still fresh and now - surprise, it's a dual colour.