Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Something new and something old

Not only have I been sewing for little ones lately, I also made a dress for my daughter.

My middle daughter, Maili, had this fabric. It's a cotton knit and was from my stash. She was supposed to make herself something out of it. She even had some of my patterns.

I made the dress for her. It has snaps instead of buttons and a tie belt.
For some reason the fabric was a pain to sew through. I ended up with very little fabric left over. Enough for maybe a pocket or two and that's it. I'm always glad when fabric gets used up.

In that vein, I used up a little piece of flannel and made a pillow for one of the grandchildren. The little ones now sleep with pillows and every once in a while they sleep over or have naps here. The flannel is soft and I have quite a bit of stuffing so this worked out well. So well in fact, that I made two more using up small bits of flannel.

And now, something from my past. 
I crocheted this little dress almost 40 years ago for my eldest daughter, Laila. I don't crochet much and this little garment is mostly the popcorn stitch. I knew I didn't have enough of one colour to finish the whole thing and that's why it's pink and mauve. There are three faded pink buttons on the back. I have not crocheted anything for quite some time and wonder if I could replicate this. Sometimes I amaze myself at what I have done in the past.

This lowly little white shirt, badly in need of ironing and made of white polyester/cotton, has to be my favourite garment of all time.

I had forgotten what buttons I used.

Aren't they cute?

This is the back. I made this for my eldest son Mark. He wore it in junior kindergarten.

I have no idea where I got the little ducky drawing from. My son liked to wear bow ties and this little ducky has a puffy one. I stuffed it so it would have some dimension.
I don't know if one of the little grandchildren will wear this shirt but I am thinking of re-creating the ducky on another little garment.

 There may be a few more garments from the past that I will show. I haven't kept a lot of the things that I made over the years - just a few.