Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Why I sew

My grandsons Patric and Luc wearing their new super hero capes.

This was taken the day they received the package that held a few surprises for them. Capes and candy. I don't know which they liked better.
Patric running with his cape flying.

These are the ones I love to sew for - along with their cousins.

I also like to sew just because.

I purchased this piece of upholstery fabric with a project in mind. I found it on a shelf at the Eversoft outlet where I purchase my quilt batting, pillow forms, cat beds and stuffing. There were other upholstery pieces there and they were all extremely well priced.

These pillow forms had been sitting in my closet on the shelf for decades (out of sight, out of mind, sort of.) My son and his wife recently purchased new living room chairs and the fabric had some rust circles on it. I thought that they needed some accent pillows.
Believe it or not I had never put a zipper in a cushion cover before. My mom always sewed the end shut and when it needed washing, out came the little scissors and she cut all the hand sewing, washed it and sewed it shut once again (so that's what I always did until I started making them envelope style.) I didn't need to purchase any zippers because I had two that were longer than I needed in a closely matching colour. I watched a wonderful video on you tube (made by a a pillow factory) that showed how to insert a zipper into the seam. I know I could have figured it out but watching the video was great.
I hope they like the pillows.

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Sunday, August 23, 2015

Tiny spiffy duds

I have been sewing a little suit for Teemu.

I don't know how everyone else sews and presses but once I turn something right side out, I don't just iron it, I have to baste it first so that I know that the seams are right at the edge. Even with this little 3-month old size vest, I do exactly the same as with an adult garment. The little pants were taken in because they were too wide and they were also cut down from the waist twice because it was thought that they were too big.
So, little Teemu has a suit now.
The vest, as you can see, has a little welt pocket. I could have put three on it but I thought that would be a bit too much. I haven't put the buttons on since I want him to try it on so I can place them properly. I had to go out and buy black buttons because I didn't have four that matched.
I have to work on his shirt now and then he'll be all set to attend his first wedding.

Friday, August 21, 2015

Quilt show part three

As you may have noticed, there are a lot of photos. No, I didn't take photos of each and every quilt that was at the show, even if it may seem like it. There were just so many quilts to see and they were in two big rooms and also in the hall.
Have fun viewing the show.

A whole cloth quilt beautifully hand quilted.

This too was hand quilted.




Another hand quilted quilt.

And now, some of the challenge quilts.

A close-up.

I shall end the show with this one.

I'm off to get more sewing done for little Teemu.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Quilt show part two

I hope you find some inspiration - pattern, colour, applique or pieced.



That's it for today. I'll have the last of the quilt photos up tomorrow.