Tuesday, December 26, 2023

Boxing Day

I hope everyone had a great Christmas. My house was filled with family and later more company stopped by. The food was great and plentiful. Today's clean-up was minimal and I am just taking it easy. Soon, the decorations will be taken down and put away for another year. My mind this morning was on the various projects I want to finish and/or start. No rush but something to keep me busy. I'm still slowly crocheting the latest blanket. It will get finished. Hats are on the future knitting list too. I did manage to make a few things for Christmas this year besides the gnome ornaments.

Somehow I came across an online tutorial to make these mitts. It was from a Canadian quilt shop in Cornwall called Apple Hill Quilting and Design. 

These mittens used a recycled wool sweater that I purchased years ago for just this purpose. The lining is fleece and I have loads of fleece in my stash. The zoom class was just two hours and if I hadn't had to unpick some sewing, I would have had at least one mitt finished in that time. As it was, I finished the pair a few weeks later and sent them to my son-in-law for Christmas. I would love to make more soon. Needess to say they are super warm.

I also managed to knit some fingerless mitts. I like how they turned out.

These were made for my grandsons in B.C. I had knit the same pattern before but totally forgot how to make them. Once I made one, it all came back to me.

It's mild for winter and so I decided this morning to go for a walk. Luckily, it wasn't raining. Resting is what I am doing a lot of today. I found myself standing a lot yesterday and my back hurt from just tiredness and strain. A little while sitting in a chair helped. I hope everyone had a wonderful time and that Santa brought them a little 'something.'