Monday, August 31, 2020

Baby things

My daughter's friends were expecting their first baby, a little girl, and my daughter asked me to make a couple of soother clips, a flannel blanket and some burp cloths. Since they live in the states, time was of the essence so I took time out from quilting my True Blue quilt and went searching through my stash for suitable fabrics. 

Apparently, the colour scheme for the baby's room is black and white and these are the ones that my daughter chose for the soother clips from my collection of black and white fat quarters.

Here they are finished.

I used up a bit of my flannel stash and made burp cloths or spit-up cloths, as I call them.

I found three smallish towels in my sewing stash waiting to be made into pull over bibs but I figured I could use them for heavier burp cloths.

I also made a flannel blanket. Here they all are - minus the soother clips ready for little Leona, who entered this world on the 28th of August.

Friday, August 28, 2020

Even more face masks

My eldest daughter lives in British Columbia and her two boys are going to school next month. Since they have to take the bus to and from school, they need to wear face masks. She requested one each for the boys for each day so that would have been ten masks in total.

I made twelve - just to be safe. The black ones were doubled since they could be used at Hallowe'en time. I doubt there will be any trick or treating at that time but at least the boys could celebrate with their masks.

Instead of shoe laces, I made these with elastic so it would be easier for them to put on and take off by themselves. 

There is a lot of elastic in the shops these days so it was an easy purchase. The fabric was all from my stash again. (click on the photos to make them bigger and you can see the fabrics)

I'm also sewing baby things so once I have finished, I will take photos (hopefully I remember.)

Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Fanny pack and face masks (again)

Once again I found myself making some face masks. I'm not finished yet but these are the ones that are completed as of today.

I made two using the same fabric as the one on the far right.

And I made two out of the blue fat quarter I had. Because of the design on the fabric, they are not identical. All told there were ten completed. I made one for Atticus since his cousins all have one and I made some extras in case they are needed.

Teemu wanted a fanny pack and his mom asked me to make him one way back in June. Well, it took time to find a nice free pattern online and luckily, there was a tutorial.

It has a secret extra pocket. This is the side that is against the body. The pattern could be found here.

Instead of using webbing for the belt, I used wide elastic. I thought it would work better and be more comfortable.
Teemu loved it and he can fit quite a bit of stuff in it. I didn't have to purchase anything for this. The fanny pack is made from an upholstery fabric sample, both zippers were in my stash and even the new closure clip was found in a drawer.