Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Fanny pack and face masks (again)

Once again I found myself making some face masks. I'm not finished yet but these are the ones that are completed as of today.

I made two using the same fabric as the one on the far right.

And I made two out of the blue fat quarter I had. Because of the design on the fabric, they are not identical. All told there were ten completed. I made one for Atticus since his cousins all have one and I made some extras in case they are needed.

Teemu wanted a fanny pack and his mom asked me to make him one way back in June. Well, it took time to find a nice free pattern online and luckily, there was a tutorial.

It has a secret extra pocket. This is the side that is against the body. The pattern could be found here.

Instead of using webbing for the belt, I used wide elastic. I thought it would work better and be more comfortable.
Teemu loved it and he can fit quite a bit of stuff in it. I didn't have to purchase anything for this. The fanny pack is made from an upholstery fabric sample, both zippers were in my stash and even the new closure clip was found in a drawer.


  1. It took me a while to understand what a fanny pack was, but the first photo helped me to recognize the useful thing. We call them "belt bags". It always feels good to get something useful sewn and finished completely from the stash! - Your masks are pretty and help make a friendly impression. We have now recommendations to use masks in public transport and other crowded places.

  2. Great fanny pack! I love it when something can be made from things in our stashes. The face masks are useful too. I have been busy making them too lately.

  3. Thanks for the link to the fanny pack :)

  4. Mask making seems to be an ongoing thing at the moment. And I love that fanny pack - I'll save that link and probably will make one for our grandsons too. Kids would love it!


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