Wednesday, June 22, 2016

A little blue

Well, it's actually, a couple of little blues.

I have been busy making little hats. The top one is reversible, the other side looks like the bottom hat. The blue fabric I used is a hand dyed piece that my friend Judy gave me. She dyes her backing fabric to match the top of her quilts. Since she didn't want the part that got cut off, she gave it to me and I thought it was just perfect for a little hat for Teemu. The top one is a size medium and since it didn't have a chin strap (that wouldn't work for a reversible hat), I made a small size in the very nice gingham - with the strap. I hope it fits but if not, I'll make another one. They aren't hard at all. Here's the free pattern.

I'm linking up with the Needle and Thread Network.

Sunday, June 12, 2016

This and that


is the beginning of a wall hanging. I just thought I would cut up some fabrics that were hanging around. Plus signs in various batiks plus other fabrics.
That is a vest I made for the groom with a rounded front. The bride didn't think he would wear it anyway but I did make it. My son Mark tried it on so I thought it would fit. Well, since I didn't get a measurement for the back waist (the distance between the bone at the top of the spine and the waist,) it didn't fit properly anyway. So, I asked Mark if he wanted it and he said yes. It still has the basting on the edge. I do that after I turn things right-side out so that it can get ironed nicely. I suppose I should take the basting out so it doesn't leave a permanent mark.

I'm knitting too. It's a small pullover for Teemu knitted all in one piece. Less sewing up for me which is good. It's a free pattern on ravelry which links to this Lion Brand yarn pattern. I had some Comfort 12 yarn in a nice denim colour that was in my stash so that's what I wanted to use for it. I'll show it once it's further along.

Sunday, June 5, 2016


After cutting and sewing the two previous quilts, I had a few leftover squares (I have no idea how that happened.) I didn't really want to throw them out or keep them around so I cut a few more and made this.

I thought that perhaps Marg could put it up on her frame upstairs and quilt it during the week but it turns out that she will be having company for a couple of weeks. So, this and the other two tops have to wait to get quilted. We are in no hurry so that's OK.

This little fellow, Teemu, celebrated his first birthday last month. 

Time flies.

As you can see, he has lovely blue eyes. 

I'm hoping to make him a nice summer hat and some shorts.

Have a great week ahead and I hope you get some sewing or quilting done.