Friday, April 6, 2012

Quilt show - Part two

A t-shirt quilt. I like the stars in the sashing.

 The blurb for the t-shirt quilt.

At first glance, this looked just like any other basket quilt.

Each block was done differently. Some had textured 3-D flowers.

Some blocks were embroidered and then coloured in.

It really was interesting to look at all the different blocks.

Even floral fabric was utilized in the broderie perse technique.

I think the basket colour highlights the flowers wonderfully.

I like the second border that she used. It's not another solid but little square blocks. I think it just adds to the interest of the whole quilt.

There's a lot of pattern to this quilt once you start to look.

Gorgeous colours. It sort of has an Egyptian feel to it and reminds me of the palm leaf pattern.

Another bright quilt. I like her applique border.

There were a lot of these row quilts. Most of them had a black background and for some reason I didn't take any photos of them. This one is navy.

You really can't tell, but I think this one was brown. I liked looking at them because they used different elements but they were the same these - different fish, different sail boats, etc.

This looks like a One Block Wonder quilt.

 A wall hanging with 3-D elements.

A few more smaller quilts.

With Easter so near, I had to take a photo of this humourous little quilt.

Applique set in a different way - in columns.

I do like the colours used in this bargello quilt.

A nice beginner quilt made with gorgeous batiks.

A Country Journal pattern by Maggie Walker. I do like her applique patterns but they are so very expensive.

This was made as a block of the month at a quilt store.

The maker of this quilt wrote that the blocks sat for quite a while before she finally decided to put them all together. It now hangs in her kitchen. I wouldn't keep it in the kitchen if  I made it. I would probably hang it in the dining room.

Well, that's it for another quilt show.


  1. Wieder super tolle Quilts. Danke für`s Zeigen.
    Liebe Grüße Grit from Germany

  2. Wonderful quilts. Thank you for sharing your photos with us Dolores.
    There seemed to be a lot of hand quilting at the Etobicoke show, as well.

    Wishing you and your family a happy Easter.

  3. I particularly like the idea of colouring in the block....I love a little bit of colouring in.

  4. :-) No gloves either :-)
    I'm sure he did, but being half way on the African side of the world who knows :-) HE DID :-)
    Thanks Dolores, I couldn't be at this show but as always, :-) You let me see what I was missing X X X X X X XX X X X No gloves :-) X

  5. Looks like a great show, thanks for posting all the photos. Where was the show, Toronto or..? I often put links on our guild Blog so members can see shows elsewhere in the country. Do you mind if I link to your last two posts?

  6. As always thank you for taking us to the show with you - it's such fun to see the beautiful quilts and read your descriptions.

  7. Oh my!!! Those are SO inspiring! I always wanted to make a t-shirt something because My son had the coolest t-shirts, I saved them and slowly let them go , usually to a person needing a t-shirt. I am down to zero...Oh well.That was a good idea that never became. T-shirt material is difficult anyway and I would have buggered it up I am sure! Thanks for sharing the show with us! Fabulous!!!!

  8. wow - gorgeous quilts!!!! and love the little outfits : ) awe


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