Thursday, October 18, 2012

A super special family

Today is my birthday. From the moment I woke up, it has been filled with well wishes from family and friends but ... especially with flowers. Whether they live here in the same city or across the country, the flowers have been arriving.

First off though, is this ...

This is the outside of the card. The design is made with sand.
And this is the inside. By little Luc who is 18 months old. It may not be much to you but it sure did bring a smile to my lips this morning when I opened up the card.

So, now I will share my floral day with all of you.

There were just too many cut flowers from my husband to fit into one vase.

This arrangement, from Mark and Kate, arrived at 8:40 a.m. along with...

these gorgeous flowers from Maili and Casey.


Then, at 12:00 noon, there was a knock on the screen door. It was a local florist delivery guy and after I accepted the arrangement and told him that it was the third one that day, he told me that a fourth was in the truck. So, I put this one, from Eric and Ashlee, in the kitchen while he got the other one. I had been in the kitchen with the music blaring but I had left the door open so I wouldn't miss anything. I was told to expect a delivery today but I wasn't expecting multiples. We don't have a doorbell and I tend not to hear knocks on the door or the ringing of the phone if I am in my sewing studio with the audio tapes on.

So, here's a close-up and ...

from my family in British Columbia, Laila, Gilles and little Luc, I received these. When my daughter got married  4 years ago her bouquet was sunflowers.

And, since I have 5 children and one husband, the last arrangement just arrived.

Inside a pumpkin and with lollypops - from Ayla and David.

And here they all are without all the wrapping.

Two years ago my birthday was extra special because on that day I found out that I was going to become a grandmother for the first time and now I would like to announce that little Luc will become a big brother next year. We are all thrilled that our family is growing.

I'm going back to the kitchen to bake some cookies and listen to more Dean Martin.
I hope your day is a good one.
Mine's better than yours by a long shot. Dinner with the whole family (the ones in town, that is.)


  1. Congratulations on your Birthday and WOW! Must be a very well-loved and deserving gal to receive so many lovely arrangements of flowers.
    Enjoy every minute of your day and company,
    Brenda in Oshawa

  2. Happy Birthday Dolores! what a wonderful family you have. Such beautiful flowers. Dean is a fav of mine too.

  3. Happy Birthday!!!
    Liebe Grüße Grit

  4. The very happiest of birthday wishes to you! I would offer to sing, but I have it on good authority that you wouldn't like it! Enjoy all your beautiful flowers!

  5. Sounds like you are having a great day! Happy Birthday from out west!

  6. Happy Birthday, Dolores. You are like me - I love receiving flowers! The card from Luc is precious - I daresay he is showing some artistic talent!

  7. Happy Birthday Dolores!! I can see you've had a great day!!

  8. Belated Happy Birthday! Your flowers are beautiful. And, congratulations on the coming grandchild.

  9. Happy Birthday,Dolores! Big family means lots of lovely flowers!

  10. Happiest of Birthdays-wished I could breath in the aroma of all your fabulous flowers.

  11. Glorious flowers! I wish you too very Happy Birthday!! And how lovely news you have heard. PS. I'll remember your birthday in the next year, because I'm 'celebrating' my name day on 18th of October ;o)

  12. You are having a wonderful day and I think finally I have reached an age where I can enjoy and appreciate flowers as a gift! They are all so pretty! Happy Birthday!

  13. Happy Belated Birthday Dolores! Beautiful flowers and the card from Luc is priceless!

  14. Happy Birthday!!!! ...even if it is a day late:)

    Lovely flowers:)

  15. Happy Happy Birthday, Dolores - yep, yours was certainly better than mine, lol! I'm so glad you had such a beautiful birthday, and wow, you're going to be a grandma again - that is wonderful news!!!! My boys are 2 years and 2 months apart, and STILL are best of friends - Luc is a lucky little boy to get a playmate!

  16. wow! What lovely flowers! You lucky girl. Many happy returns. xx

  17. Happy Birthday Dolores, from Australia! Such a gorgeous floral one! Just adore getting flowers and think you're the luckiest Birthday girl in the world. But the gift of all gifts, I'm sure, is the news that you're going to expand your Grannydom. Congratulations.

  18. a belated Happy Birthday to you. You have the same birthday as my dad, he was 70 last Thursday. Those are lovely flowers, congrats on the news of another grandchild in the near future.


  19. Happy birthday Dolores and so glad that you had a wonderful day with family, flowers and a fun time.

    Enjoy the week

  20. Happy birthday (belatedly) Dolores! Congratulations to you. Sorry I am late with this. I trust you were well spoiled and enjoyed a lovely day?

  21. Happy happy happy belated birthday! I can imagine, the card was the biggest present of all.
    Lovely, to get so many beautiful flowers!

  22. I'm so far behind I even missed your birthday !! sheeesh....

    Belated happy birthday wishes Dolores....
    those quilts are all amazing..... I like the 'true love gave to me' one as well....


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