Thursday, February 10, 2022

An oldie

I have to make a few quilts this year but before I started something new, I decided it was time to finish something.

Once, long ago, I have no idea how many years it's been, this pattern took my fancy.

I had, and still have, a lot of green fabrics in my stash.

So, I started this quilt.

The green squares were all done and border around them had been attached. I had also cut all of those little green rectangles. 

The gray fabric was in the plastic bin too but nothing had been cut. 

I didn't think it would take long to put the whole thing together - but I was wrong.

There were 42 blocks.

That's a lot of blocks to add all that gray to - but it got done.

The light blocks are just light green. Here it is all sewn together into a top. I now have an empty bin and this top is folded over a hanger and in the closet waiting to be quilted. The blocks are 14 inches - 13.5 finished. I don't think I'll be adding a border but I may change my mind.

I have a few more bins with partial quilts that I would like to get made into tops at least but they will have to wait a bit more. I need to make a granddaughter or three some quilts. There are also a pair of almost two year old twins that don't have a quilt yet. Oh well, all in good time.


  1. And when this is done, time to get the twins' quilts started!! I have a plan to try and make one for our grandson, who will graduate, Covid permitting, in May with his Master of Science, it was postponed from last December, but again, there may be no real ceremony. Love those green blocks, all the shades go so well together.

  2. Great job on moving an oldie to the top stage. I made a Garden Path quilt a few years back and I didn't add a border. It hangs in my dining room. You can see it here if you want a peek at it.
    Enjoy the new projects for the granddaughters. ;^)

  3. That is a very nice pattern, and all your greens look good together. Well done! I'm excited to see your choices for the little girls, and then for the twins, and then ...

  4. That's a very different pattern from any I've seen. I like the various greens. And good on you for finishing a lingering project!


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