Thursday, June 18, 2009

Mail and Pincushion Swap

The postal service never ceases to amaze me. When I want something to arrive quickly, then you can be assured that it will somehow go astray and arrive whenever - regardless of how much you pay for 'priority' post. Having said that, I was absolutely astonished to find this in my mail box yesterday. It came all the way from Germany and I ordered it on Friday - that is last Friday, 5 days prior. The lady that emailed me about all the particulars (that they did mail internationally and also how much the postage would be) informed me that she would put the pattern in the mail the next day - Saturday. Well, I don't know about where you all live but here in TO we do not have mail delivery or pick-up on Saturdays - at least not that I know of. So, my little pattern arrived within 4 days across many countries and a huge ocean. Oh, and I almost forgot - it is an Ursula Schertz pattern of garden fairies. Thanks to Simone for assisting me in getting this pattern. Bloggers and quilters are so helpful.

The little package below also came from far away. Norway this time. If the letter is any indication as to how long some things take, I received this today and the letter inside is dated May 8th.
I was so surprised and pleased to receive this. I had just heard that my pincushion swap partner had received the package I sent her and then a few hours later, this wonderful, delightful package was in my mail box. It was the only piece of mail today. I couldn't wait to open it.
I had indicated that my favourite colour was blue - especially aqua/teal and look what Kjerstin made for me. A hexagon pin cushion with a matching hexagon needle case and a scissors case. The porcelain thimble will go in my collection. Sorry for the photo but there is a reindeer on it and it indicates that it is from the Norwegian Forest Museum. The blue thread, trims, buttons and of course, the betweens sewing/quilting needles, will all come in very handy. I'm going to show these off to the family when they come home. Many thanks Kjerstin.


  1. Ah yes... the trials and tribulations of Canada Post, otherwise known as ARGGHHH!!!!

  2. What great mail goodies!!!
    I don't think there is any rhyme or reason how short/long it takes for the mail... one just never knows... 8-)

  3. I'm so glad your Ursula Schertz pattern arrived so quickly! And I love your pincushion swap presents! Lucky you (O:

  4. How nice to get lovelies in the post Dolores. It is so exciting opening packages, especially ones you are not expecting.

    Our postal service is very similar. The thing you want more than anything in the world gets lost but not all that rubbishy spam the post office get paid to deliver. That arrives on time always.

    It makes me wonder about the people who do the moleskine swaps where each person draws on a page and sends the book to the next person on the list. How awful for that wonderful artwork to go missing.

  5. Hi Dolores,

    What an exciting package and isn't it neat when it arrives at your house.
    I love the pinchusion swap presents.


  6. your pincushion swap is such a great idea! how fun that is to receive a little goodie in the mail from far away....somehow it always seems more special when it comes from a different country!! :)

  7. Hi Dolores! I'm so glad you found my blog and led me back to yours! I'll be back often to visit. I have this secret wish to do more creative sewing, so you might just inspire me! I've already got my sewing machine out, just have to use it now... :) Silke


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