Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Lindsay Creative Quilters - Part two

These are the last of the photos from the quilt show.

You really have to plan a quilt like this.

A lot of quilters these days do some interesting things with panels.

Modern quilts are always nice on the eyes - lots of white.

An interesting take on the Orange Peel.

Now this is fun. I've not seen this style of umbrella girl.

A nice and well preserved old quilt with a history.

The old quilt reproduced.

And even more history.

This is a great wall hanging.

On closer viewing, the quilter zig zagged the edges with multi-coloured thread.

A great appliqued quilt made in 2009(?) - the maker was there and she said that it still covers her bed. Judy recognized the pattern and it was hand quilted.

A better look at one of the appliqued leaves.


This was a huge quilt - most likely king size.

Once again, a fun quilt.

The one and only crazy quilt - and it was a mini.
Just for you Mary Anne.

I hope you all enjoyed the show.


  1. Hee hee - thank you!! There actually was one other small wall hanging that was CQ but not as intricate as this one. One of my favourites at the show was the colourful one you show first in this post as well as the large bargello.

  2. From bright to serene, and my pic for today is the elephant.I think I have seen that pattern somewhere, and would really like to make it. Maybe add it to the list!!!

  3. Great show, and so many hand quilted! Love that flower one by Kim Diehl the best!

  4. Once again, I really enjoyed the show!

  5. Marvelous. There are too many to comment on, but almost all of them make me wish I were a better quilter. How lovely is that umbrella girl story.


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