Sunday, December 22, 2019

Decorating for the little ones

We have two of these long, wire garlands. One is wrapped around the railing going upstairs and usually has the stockings hung on them.

The other one is wound around the railing going down to the basement. This year, I thought it would be nice for the school-aged grandchildren to decorate them. They hung a few but for some reason, they weren't that interested so I finished it off. I like to have something low so that the littlest ones can see them and enjoy them. These are all non-breakable. Some are made of wood and others are just soft, fabric ornaments.


  1. Christmas is for the younger ones, and decorations are a big part of it the idea of wooden ones.

  2. Little children make all the difference to Christmas celebration! You suddenly remember the magic again.

  3. Good to think of the little ones and what is safe for them to play with. Much better than having them be told 'no' all the time!


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