Sunday, February 26, 2023

Hearts to applique

I have so many projects that I could work on and I don't need to start something else - but I did. Appliquing a heart a week. The blocks I am using are 6.5 unfinished. I gave the link to the site in my previous post in case anyone else wants to sew along.

These are the first two weeks of this sew along.
I noticed that the pdf that is provided isn't always true to size so a little bit of fiddling around with scale is needed. It's not a big thing and I saw that not everyone used the heart that was provided. It's all personal choice but it is a small thing to make each week. A new heart is posted every Friday. These were just some fabrics that were in my sewing room that I picked up randomly. I am hoping to sew one each week and keep up with all the others.

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  1. A challenge like that sounds good, nothing too time-consuming, end the result is a pretty block every week. I'm concentrating on knitting but hope to work on a quilt again.


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