Monday, June 4, 2012


I went for a walk this morning. I took my son's little dog for a walk and on the street we passed a young lady wearing jeans with holes in both her pant legs. It amazes me that some people actually pay money for jeans that already have a tear here and a hole there. Now, I don't know about you but I stop wearing my jeans once they have a hole in them. I don't even patch my own jeans. They become too uncomfortable to wear if there is a hole in the knee (which is where my jeans wear out) and they especially are a pain to put on. How on earth you don't make the hole bigger when putting on those holey jeans is beyond me. Anyway, it takes a lot of wear and tear to get denim to wear out, unless...

this is your favourite mode of getting from place A to place B. It really doesn't matter if the surface is soft, like grass...

medium-hard, like wood...

or really hard, like a rocky dirt road in the country, somehow, denim will eventually...

get a hole in it. Some holes start out bigger,

and some are not too noticeable in the beginning. 

So, you see, it doesn't even matter what size the jeans are... 

denim is not indestructible and will eventually, get a hole or two - even from a one-year-old.


  1. Boy, I had forgotten how much hard work goes into wearing out baby jeans!Gosh glad I don't have to crawl!

  2. I don't understand the fashion either, Dolores!! Wow Luc is really wearing out his clothing - good for him - he is so adorable!!!

  3. Laughing at your adorable Luv! Don't you wonder how their hand survive all the terrain that he covers, let alone the jeans?

  4. Put those jeans on eBay and you'd probably get tons of bids! lol I remember wearing jeans that were all patched up with different coloured materials because that was the style back then but now they get thrown away if there's even a slight thinning on the knees! As for the way they wear them now, full of holes, it just makes me shake my head. Love all those pictures of wonder his jeans got all worn out! lol xoxo

  5. Oh this SO made my day! Little guy certainly knows how to travel! And looking most stylish as he goes! ADORABLE! LOVE!

  6. hahahah.... that pretty funny ....Boot Cut for a 12 month old......

  7. I often are very astonished, too, that people spent a lot of money for a jeans full of holes...They don`t know how to differ from adults....
    When I was young, it was hard for our parents to accept our beautiful jeans without any damaged spots.....
    Very cute, your little boy!!

  8. Jeans material is great for making soft toys you know :-)
    :-) X X X

  9. Lovely to see him growing up Dolores :-) X X X


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