Saturday, June 30, 2012

Lost no more

For a couple of days now I have been looking for a quilt top (or flimsy, for those of you down under) but it just didn't want to be found. I kept looking in the same places, moving things, thinking I really should clean up some of the piles and then I moved some more fabrics. I knew it wasn't upstairs in the closet that I took over in one of the bedroom. It just didn't feel right even though I looked there a couple of times. I looked some more and then I looked one more time, thinking I could re-arrange another closet just outside my sewing studio. Well, there it was, in one of the plastic see-through containers that I keep a project or two in.

It's called Juniper Hollow and was a free online pattern from McCall's Quilt Magazine or Quick Quilts. It needs a border and shouldn't take too long to quilt but I won't be quilting it next. I have a turquoise and brown quilt to get done for my youngest daughter. But this has now been found and I will keep it in sight to remind me to finish it.

 The beige rectangles are not all the same fabric. I think I used 3 different ones for the large rectangles. With this one, I reversed it. I thought the right side was just a tad to strong in colour. Once again, it's a poly-cotton. All the applique is needle turn. I am still missing one or two other tops but I'm sure they will turn up one day. This is the one that was constantly in my head because I wanted to get it completed.

Preemie hat number 5 is now complete. I hope you can tell that this has some very delicate colours. I have a jumbo ball of this yarn and plan on making a lot more hats with it. I may even make a sweater - who knows.

Have a great weekend.


  1. What a happy reunion with your lost quilt top! The preemie hats are quite addicting once you get started.

  2. Oh Dolores, isn't that Maddening when you just can't find something!So glad you were reunited with your quilt top.I haven't heard of "flimsy" as a name for quilt top.

  3. Hello Dolores,

    I do like this quilt, glad you searched high and low for it. Good luck with the borders etc.
    Happy days.

  4. I love finding misplaced projects. Ans, I can see the olor in the adorable hat.


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