Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Works in Progress

They have multiplied.

I am now working on preemie hat number 5 but who wants to see some unfinished knitting.I added my glasses to the photo so that you can have an idea as to how small these are. I dislike photos that show you something and you think it's huge, only to find out that it is small. That pink hat was just a tiny little tightly wound ball of leftover yarn I found and thought I would see if I could get a hat out of it. I am using different patterns just to try them out.

The binding is being put on today.

This is the backing fabric.

 I chose not to double the fabric for the binding. I happen to be very partial to turquoise (it's polyester cotton, too, for those of you who care) and I have very little left. I'd like to know when and why doubled fabric became the norm for binding. All the tutorials suggest you cut wide strips of fabric and then iron it double to use for binding. I even have a kit for a wall hanging and in it, it asks that you cut the binding 3 inches. The seam allowance to sew it on is a half inch so you see more of the binding which is OK because it enhances the rest of the quilt but still, it could have been cut much less. The quilt above is 57" X 64" and since I like my binding fabric, I cut it 1 and 3/4 inches wide which saved a lot of fabric for some future project.  My friend Marg has made many bed quilts in her 30+ years of quilting and she says that none of the edges have needed repair. They are all a single layer of binding and most are being used.

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  1. Those wee hats are so cute. Your quilt is going to be lovely.

  2. Oh those hats are really tiny, but they are very cute. They are going to keep a little one very warm. Beautiful quilt

  3. The hats are adorable. The quilt looks great with the binding. Way back (30years ago), when I used to quilt, I don't remember doing double fabric bindings; I didn't know you were supposed to.

  4. Hello Dolores,

    Wonderful wee knitting. Earlier on in the year I found a article on someone's blog about putting on binding. There is no need to iron the binding in half, I have since done it like that. The ironing makes the fabric sit in place yes, but not ironing it makes it fall into place if you get my meaning.

    Happy days.

  5. The preemie hats are darling!
    I love the colors and design of your quilt. Very pretty!

  6. love the little hats and they are always needed!

    I think the double binding became popular because the fold over saved time in ironing each side, it also allows for more wear. I don't think bias binding is ever done double tho. I always cut my straight doubled bining at 2.25 inches and it is tight and narrow. I have seen it done wider and is stuffed with strips of batting to make almost a ridge around the quilt, seems to be done more on wall hangings and forms a definate "frame"

  7. I LOVE the wee preemie hats..I did some knitting for the hospitals and I got the pattern from Guardian Drugs and then you would return the knotted articles back to the drugstore for distribution, It was a very satisfying project..Is that what yours are for?
    The quilt is so pretty.. Love the idea of the binding...
    Thanks so much.. You are surely a very productive lady..Thanks for sharing

  8. I love the hats. The little white-ish one is so sweet!

    It goes without saying that I'm impressed with the quilting. I'm always overwhelmed by the patience and skill involved in that!

  9. The hats are a great way to use up leftover yarn. Do you donate them? Chemo caps are another project great for donating. The quilt is lovely!

  10. Hi Dolores!I'm so glad you found my blog.You were on my list to e-mail this weekend.It's been hard to get to do this as I can't sit for long(new knee).Love your little hats. You are having fun!
    Judy x


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