Friday, June 15, 2012

Update on quilting

The quilt boards got new fabric put on and the quilt went on the frame.

I have spent a few hours each day quilting it. I can't overdo it since the fingers under the frame get raw and sore. Sitting hunched over the frame is not good for the back either. I'm not in that much of a hurry to finish it.

I've rolled it a couple of times from both sides.

I decided to quilt an X through all the yellow rectangles.

This is my helpful lamp for those times when I need more illumination on the quilt to see exactly what I'm doing.

It takes a regular light bulb so it doesn't get overly hot and it has a fairly long reach.

I've had it for years and still managed to keep the original box.

For those of you curious about how a quilt gets put on a frame and how it is quilted, I did two posts in 2010 about it and you can see them here.


  1. Hello Dolores,

    Your quilt is lovely looks different with the light shining on it. I have a similar light near my sewing machine, they are so handy with them extending. Hope your back holds out,maybe a cuppa now and again will help.
    Happy days.

    p.s how old is the building in your header photo?

  2. There is something very satisfying about seeing a quilt on a rack - a sure sign of near completion.

  3. not so many of us hand quilt anymore, even those who started that way! I have a quilt in progress that I am planning to hand quilt, I just use a small qsnap frame tho. I have no space even for a old fashioned full size frame...

  4. Hi Dolores,

    The quilt you are working on is fabulous and what a lot of work.
    Also enjoyed seeing the photos you took at the Quilt show, thanks for showing us.

    Happy new week

  5. I enjoyed reading your post on hand quilting and how you set up your frame.

  6. hello Dolores ,,,I like you blog ...very very much....


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