Monday, May 28, 2012

Quesnel Quilt Show - Part 3

I will begin with three Fall quilts. This little scarecrow was cute with the birds in his hat.

 Full Moon Witch was the name given to this Hallowe'en quilt.

Called Dancing with Bats, this quilt is based on a pattern by Dandelion Seed Designs.

 There was one dark corridor that had quilts hung up and I wish someone had thought to add some lighting to the area. I'm sure that the colours would have shown up much better in this quilt.

This advent calendar caught my daughter's eye and now she wants me to make her one. Each little square (a mini quilt in itself) can be taken out.

This little quilt, called Nice Neighbourhood is a Laura Wasilowski design. All fused applique.

The dimensions are 16"X19" and the quilter called it Flower Box. I like rusty old vehicles.

Stained glass effect made with bias tape.

 I do like the colour combinations that the quilter used in this quilt.

Time Square at Midnight is a quilt commemorating a trip to New York City.

A fun little quilt. It's nice to see something different at a quilt show.

Another great little quilt for an entrance hall.

Music anyone?

And now I will show you the ones that were hung up high. The ladies definitely made use of all the space they had.

A striking bargello quilt.

A wonky log cabin.

A spiral lone star quilt called Kaleidoscope.

 Bright pinwheels - done, no doubt with the Twister Tool.

This quilt caught my eye since I have to make a baby quilt soon. Friends of ours are going to be first-time grandparents.

A pale, soft quilt for those of you who like muted tones.

A nice little sampler.

 The one on the left is the same pattern as the sampler above.

And just in case you wanted to see the same pattern in yet another colour scheme, it is the one on the left (click on the photo to see a bigger view.)

And now for some more group shots.

 I do like the mauve with the black and white.

There really were some great quilts.

I'm so glad that I was told to go upstairs to take better photos.

It's just so much better to see quilts head-on instead of trying to look up to take a nice shot.

There was a feature quilter there. Her name is Judy Crannis and she is a two-time winner at the Canadian Quilters' Association Nationals. She has also won ribbons at regional art shows and quilt shows. Judy was so giving of her knowledge and allowed anyone and everyone to take photos of her quilts.

Taking Holly With Us
Artist Statement (taken from the quilt show program):
This quilt is from a picture of my 3 grandchildren walking down a road in the Queen Charlottes (Haida Gwaii.) I used their actual clothes. I was juried in and received a Judges Award at "Quilt Canada Nationals" in Kamloops, B.C. 2007.

The Flebbe Boys
Artist Statement (taken from the quilt show program):
This quilt is from a picture of 3 of my uncles when they were boys. I used recycled wool coats and pants for their clothes and the toques are made from a knitted V-neck vest. I was juried in and received 3rd in Representational Wall Art category at "Quilt Canada Nationals" in London, Ontario in 2011.

The quilt on the left is called Ochre Earth and Blue Sky. The one on the right is called Still Standing.

Spirit of Africa.

And that, dear readers, ends the quilt show. I hope you enjoyed it - I certainly did.


  1. What a wonderful show!!! The third one down really caught my eye, I think it's called Wheel of Mystery? Love the wonky cabin, that looks like a Pat Sloan pattern. And oh my, Judy's quilts are just breathtaking....I'm so in awe of her!!! I keep scrolling through your posts to see the beauty, thank you for sharing these!

  2. A very impressive quilt show. I like the Advent quilt your daughter wants.

  3. Amazing group of quilts! I think you're going to be busy creating an advent quilt...

  4. Hi Dolores, how is your commuting going? There are some stunning quilts here....I hope all is good with you x


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