Tuesday, November 9, 2021

Kitchen reno update

 It's moving forward and will soon be totally finished.

My backsplash tile. I love them.

Each coloured tile has a light, medium and dark, along with the fact that they are not totally flat. The pattern is all random. As the tiler was putting them up, I handed him the tile that I wanted next. 

I really wanted to add a nice lime green as a 'pop' tile but they didn't have the right shade of green so I found these tiles that had shades of the same colour and went with them instead. 
There is still work to be done and handles to be installed. I'll take photos again and share them with you once it's all completely finished.


  1. It looks great! Hard to live through a reno I know but the results are so worth it. I love those tiles!

  2. Great progress, and the tiles look good.

  3. The tiles are so lovely, light and bright, perfect right there as you chose them to be.

  4. We are thinking of renovating the kitchen but things are so expensive. Love your tiles. The colours are so nice. I would like that in my kitchen too. ;^)

  5. Great tile selection; its lovely and bright.
    You're really going to enjoy this on completion.


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