Sunday, November 28, 2021

First snowfall and hall quilts

This is what we woke up to this morning. 

It started late last night.

The flakes were just light last night - just after midnight.

This morning the flakes were big. I went out as soon as I got up and swept the sidewalk and driveway.

I love the look of the snow on the bare branches.

There is no one tree that is prettier than the others when the snow blankets them.

Harry the scarecrow was on the hall wall but he's in the cupboard now.

This is the backing fabric.

I don't always try to match the back with the front but this fabric just seemed to fit.

The little quilt was made in 2016.

Bob the snowman took Harry's place on the hall wall. He goes up on the day of the first snowfall. 

This was a piece of fabric that was on my shelf in the sewing room and I decided to use it for the back.

It just seemed to be the perfect piece. I don't know where it came from but I think a friend of mine gave it to me.

The front fabrics and the pattern were a kit from a quilt shop that has now closed. Originally, the fabric that was behind Bob, that was provided in the kit, was too dark so I changed it. I don't often use a pen to label my quilts.

This is one of my favourite quilts. It's small but it never made it to the wall. It has no sleeve for hanging. I put it in my sewing room so I can get a  sleeve put on. It has no name but I did embroider 2019 on the back.


  1. It is nice to have a place for such season quilts. We had our first snow last week but it was less than what you have and didn't last long. The snowman's smile is cute!

  2. Love the snow. It’s piling high on our trees and fences and driveways here. Job for the snowblower here in London, Ontario. Yes, it’s time for the Snowmen to roll out and share their happy smiles with us all. Gotta love winter if your Canadian.
    How do you mark your quilts if not with a pen? What pen did you use?

    1. I use Pigma Micron pens. They come in different tip widths and different colours. Archive quality too. Now, I embroider my labels on Aida cloth.

  3. That last quilt made me smile....the only thing that would have made it better would be a dog's nose poking out of the leaves.


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