Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Favourite knitting

 Ever since I knit my first hat, I have enjoyed making them. Recently, my daughter asked me to make some hats for her sons and so, I picked up a skein of yarn and did some browsing on Ravelry. I wanted to try some other hat patterns so I printed off some patterns and away I went. 

I had a skein of green and it was close to the colour that was in the variegated yarn that I bought. This helped me to stretch the amount and I ended up making these three hats. I think my favourite is the one on the right - the all rib hat. I like toques to have a fold-over and this one turned out great. I did make one in a different variegated - a beige and brown but, since my son liked it and it fit, I gave it to him. This hat fits many head sizes because it has so much stretch to it.

Note: See the comments for pattern information for all three hats.


  1. Love all three hats! I’m thinking about making hats for my grand kids for Christmas. Would you share which pattern on Ravelry you used? Thanks!

    1. The pattern on the left is Seaman's Cap by Needle and Beetle. I'm not sure of the one in the middle but I think it's Rusty Barn Hat by Christy Houghton and the one on the right was Basic Ribbed Hat by Heather Tucker.

  2. You have been busy! The fold is essential for keeping the ears warm, and the stretch allows the hat to fit snugly for different sizes. I'm more a sock knitting Mummo, but hats are nice and easy too.

  3. Thank you Delores! I bought some yarn yesterday and hope to make hats for Christmas. Happy holidays!

  4. I like the all ribbed hats and so do our boys. I'm going to try making the 1898 pattern and see if they like them but I suspect it will continue to be the ribbed.


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