Sunday, January 13, 2019

Quilt related post - and sewing

One of the guilds I belong to put out a request for some placemats that were to be handed out at Christmas with Meals on Wheels. Since I use polyester batting, I didn't know if I could participate. Well, the night I attended the meeting it turned out that someone in the guild had supplied some flat batting and some backing fabrics if there were people willing to sew up some placemats. I grabbed some batting pieces and brought them home. I knew I had Christmas fabrics that I wanted to use up so here's the result.

Five placemats completed. Two had binding and when I showed my quilting buddy Marg, she suggested that I make them pillowcase style so I didn't have to do that extra step of cutting and sewing on binding. I must say, it went together a lot quicker. I just quilted in the ditch and actually, I machine finished the sewing of the binding.

I forgot to show this last year. Just before my two eldest grandsons came for a visit in November, my daughter Laila, their mom, informed me that Patric had a loose tooth. I had been meaning to make him his very own monster tooth fairy pillow and so I got moving and produced this. Before I even planned it or sewed it, Patric's tooth fell out. Oh well, I hope it comes in handy for future baby teeth.

I have made other things but because they haven't yet been given to the recipients, I can't show them just yet.


  1. A wonderful gift to the MOW recipients., They would be thrilled. A tooth fairy pillow? That is a super one.

  2. It is always good to find a quick way to finish charity projects, especially when you make so many. How is the tooth fairy pillow used?

  3. Great tooth fairy pillow! Our little 'uns are too young for that yet, but I'll have to keep it in mind for when they need it. Our guild does placemats at Christmas too - great thing to do.


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