Wednesday, December 2, 2015


We are short on snow. It is December and all we had so far was a little dusting. 

However, Bob the Snowman is hanging by the front door just waiting to greet whoever walks in. I
didn’t want to hang him up until we had our first snow. Even though it didn’t last, Bob was ready.


  1. As far as I'm concerned we've had quite enough of that white stuff already (but I know it's necessary for the water table and such). However, I'd be perfectly happy if all the snow I saw was all wrapped up in Bob the Snowman.

    1. Really, what part of the continent do you live in?? We got more snow overnight and I'm resting from a nasty tooth pain which was resolved finally yesterday. We not had enough snow here to help keep our river's healthy for fish and our land mass needs more to prevent a very dry summer of potential forest fires next summer.

  2. Lovely Bob, but what happened to his body?? lol :)

  3. Bob the Snowman is awfully cute! I never make Christmassy things, and then when Christmas approaches, I always wish I had!

  4. Bob the Snowman makes me smile; nice work. We are having a mild season so far, but things can change quickly, so who knows. We may have a white Christmas.


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