Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Mystery solved and other things

Many thanks to Trish in B.C. who emailed the name of the pattern and designer to me and especially to Karen who did the same but also found a link for me to order the pattern. It's called Christmas Tree Polar Bear Quilt by Paris Bottman.

I just received a call from the online store who had the pattern listed, but unfortunately, they no longer have it. The Bigfork Cotton Company is no longer in business and they are the ones who manufactured the pattern. So, it appears as if I am out of luck with the Polar Bear.

And now, on to more down-to-earth things.

 This is the second sleeve that I'm on. Just the back to do and then I can assemble the little sweater. The yarn is James Brett Marble Chunky. It works up so quickly and little Teemu's turquoise version has gotten many nice comments.

The cookies are baked. These are my extras. All the other children who live near got their cookie tins already. This appears to be an international grouping. The top left are Chinese almond cookies, the ones on the right are Swedish butterballs and the bottom are oatmeal. These are a melt-in-your-mouth oatmeal. Not hard and not chewy. They get rolled in icing sugar before they get forked. I think all of the recipes have been given to me by friends. The almond cookies may be from the Better Homes and Gardens cookbook though.

These are toys that were in our toy box. I am slowly putting all the toys through the dishwasher. Most of them have been washed before but with little ones coming over, I just wanted to make sure that they were all OK to put in their mouths. These were just getting an extra drying time. Some of the toys were purchased by various family members from Value Village.

This is my latest sewing project. It's an old pattern and I have made it many times for my boys when they were small.

This is not a great photo at all. The fabric I'm using for the pants is a brown pinwale corduroy.

Well, now for the weather. It went to 10C or 50F today and there was a bit of rain. I walked over to the library, once it cleared up, to pick up a book that I had put on hold. I was definitely overdressed in my winter coat with a fleece under it. On the way home I saw a woman wearing flip flops, an overweight man in a wheelchair (a local fixture) wearing shorts and a tank top in red, and a mother pushing a stroller wearing a sleeveless top. It really did seem more like spring with the bright sun and warm temperature.


  1. Too bad the pattern is not available now , it sure is a neat pattern . That boys pattern looks familiar I think I made that a time or two as well . I love working with corduroy , it will make great pants . Merry Christmas to you and your family and oh those cookies look yummy !

  2. I checked on both ebay and etsy in hopes of finding the pattern for you but don't see it...at least not for the moment. Your cookies look decidedly yummy. Not a calorie to be had, right?

  3. 10C, I wouldn't call that warm at all.Love the pattern,.old ones cane still be the best. Are you on Facebook, maybe a request there for the pattern? if anyone has it would they copy or post for you.

  4. Happy and peaceful season greetings to you and your family!

  5. Oh I'll keep a lookout for that pattern for you. Good idea to put the toys through the dishwasher!!! I'm sorry I couldn't look at the cookies, we have heaps here and I'm cookied out. LOL. It was warm here too, lots of days without jackets, us Northerners are a hardy bunch, aren't we? We had an ice storm last night though, still lots around even though it's up to 40F. Happy New Year, Dolores!


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