Thursday, December 17, 2015

Leading up to Christmas

No snow, only a wet drizzle at times.

Mrs. Snowman is up.
She is an institution. Made in 1980 when I first learned to quilt. This was the applique part of the class. We learned how to enlarge a pattern, drawing or whatever, using a grid. This lady was on the cover of Herschner's catalogue. I used what I had on hand. The background is a fuzzy piece of stretchy fabric similar to fleece, Mrs. Snowman is made of white flannel (needleturn applique), her cheeks are polycotton broadcloth, the hat trim is fake fur, the scarf is a remnant piece left over from a jacket I made and her polka dots are remnants from a dress my mom made for herself. The snowflakes and all the black is embroidery. Her little pocket is 3-D and every year she has a mini candy cane in it. As you can see, it's not quilted and the background is probably not even squared up but she gets hung up every year. I think I have only had to wash it once when the flannel started to look a tad yellow.
Just two of my favourite holiday creatures. The moose actually never gets put away.

Me and my little lumberjack.

I do hope you are not stressing with trying to get everything done.
Our house is not finished being decorated.
I'm off to make more cookies now, perhaps get some sewing done and a bit more decorating finished too. No stress. All in good time.


  1. It is so mild here, but we've had a lot of rain, it would be nice to see some snow! I've finished my Christmas shopping now, so not panicking any more! I'm sure it will all be ok on the day!
    Have a lovely Christmas! Xx

  2. Mrs. Snowman is a love, as is your little guy. We've had strings of grey days, then one sunny one, then more grey. A little snow wouldn't bother me.

  3. Oh my gosh...your little lumberjack is so sweet!! Those cheeks are just begging for some smooches!

  4. Love it ! My Grandboy would run away with your moose! He calls it a MOOPSE! Sounds like an accidental moose to me . Happy Christmas, Dolores!

  5. Cute Christmas stuff. I am trying to decorate our place too, but having little success. Your lumberjack is absolutely adorable! Such sweet cheeks.

  6. Your wee lumberjack is the best of all for Christmas. no I'm not getting stressed, this will be the most laid-back of ever. Some sewing to finish, some baking to do, and that will be it for December.

  7. Your weather looks like ours, just some wet snow. No intention to stress about Christmas preparations, just resting here with my new knee.

  8. I LOVE your moose! I thought about getting something similar but we really don't have the space. (Not to mention what the cats would do to it!)
    I'm way too stressed for my own good. It's not like any of it really matters but somehow I can't relax and let it go its own way.

  9. Did you see the few snow flurries over the weekend? Obviously they didn't last. Love your Christmas decorations, but the bestest is your little lumberjack!


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