Thursday, December 3, 2015


This year, I wondered what I would put on my front door. I figured I had a wreath - somewhere. While I was waiting for December 1st to arrive, I came upon this little hanging.
It’s called Emma’s Tree. The pattern came from one of the Yahoo groups I belong to. One of the members, Miriam, lost her daughter (a mother of two little girls) to cancer. As a way to get through her grief, she came up with this pattern. She has given it away for free providing people attach a little note as to it’s reason for being. I have made several for family and friends in various colours. This one was made for my mom who loved the colour red.


  1. Emma's tree looks wonderful on your door . I remember reading about this story and it is so touching .

  2. I think the one you made for me will be our Christmas tree this year as this will be a no fuzz holiday for us. The reds look great together here!

  3. It's gorgeous. And what a wonderful way to remember someone.

  4. Such a sad thing, but something good has come of it....your tree is lovely.


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