Thursday, October 1, 2015

Too short a visit

Our family received a surprise visit from my baby girl, Ayla, and her fiance, David, two weeks ago today. They came to celebrate the twins' first birthday, meet Teemu (who is now 4 months old), visit with family and friends and to plan a wedding. A lot got accomplished but then...

it was over much too quickly.
We brought them to the airport Tuesday evening and they took a 6 hour overnight flight back to jolly old England.

They shall return in January when the rest of the family from BC will be here so we can all celebrate Christmas. Again, it will be our 'second' Christmas but I don't think we'll keep the live tree this time. Too much mess and too many bare branches.


  1. They are a handsome couple. Yes, plans for Christmas are being made again here too. My parish is going to start cooking next week for our Christmas sale in December. Your daughter will be back before you know it.

  2. How fun!!! Bet you can't wait for January!!

  3. How lovely! So much for you to look forward to. Happy times!


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